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BaltoSun Poll Says Dem Governors Race All Tied Up! Really? Are you Sure?

June 11, 2018


BaltoSun – Harford School Boss Violates Constitutional Rights Of School Students With Threat Of Authoritarian Discipline!

March 14, 2018


Dan Rodricks/BaltoSun – Bigots Delight: Harford County Exec Barry Glassman Panders To District 7 Republican Racist Demagogues Kathy Szelega, Rick Impallaria and Pat McDonough

November 1, 2017





Boycott The Republican Aegis Every Wednesday!!! Stop Biased Unfair Political Reporting!!! Stop Bad Corrupt Journalism!!!

June 28, 2017




The Republican Aegis has refused to report the fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is a candidate for Marylands First Congressional District

The opening day of the campaign began in downtown Bel Air at Sean Bolans Irish Pub. The event in Bel Air was mysteriously not covered by the local Sunpaper owned newspaper, the (Republican) Aegis

The event was fully reported on instead in  the Elkton Whig in  nearby Cecil County.

The opening day events proceeded to Chestertown, Md and was reported on in the local Chesapeake Spy.  And the campaign event ended that day in Salisbury where the  Salisbury Times DelMarVa New covered the political story.

The lack of any reporting on Allison Galbraiths campaign in Harford County by the Republican Aegis suggests that the hometown newspaper is purposely  ignoring the political story because it is either journalisticlly corrupt or politically corrupt. It appears the Republican Aegis is deliberately refusing to be fair and balanced in its political reporting

The Republican Aegis’s dodgy journalism by corrupting the fair reporting of political information is also corrupting the political process.

The public is encouraged to boycott the Republican Aegis on Wednesdays to protest the undemocratic and unethical behavior of the publishers of the Republican Aegis.






Journalism 101 – Placement Bias: WashPo -FrontPage/Headline/AboveTheFold – BaltoSun – FrontPage/BelowTheFold/LeftCorner

July 6, 2016

DodgyJournalism -RepublicanAegis Out-Foxes The Public Interest By Refusing To Report On Aberdeen Residents Report of Wild Foxes On Carroll Ave

June 28, 2016


At the end of the June 20 (2016)  Aberdeen City Council meeting an Aberdeen resident complained about four foxes living on the weed over-grown property adjacent to her property. The Republican-Aegis reporter Dave Anderson was present with his laptop when the complaint was made and verified by the Mayor. The public complaint never made the online   or print editions of the Republican-Aegis newspapers. The full testimony is secretly available on the city blog at: city council

This is maybe a perfect story for Baltimore Fox News

(Why is the reporter sitting in the line of the podium camera? Is he a “hot dog”? Can the editor please edit him out of that angle in the future?)


WashPost And BaltoSun Endorse War Machine Candidate For President

April 26, 2016

BaltoSun/Mike Preston Predicts Ravens Defeat Sunday 21 to 17. Earlier In Week on Touchdown Baltimore He Predicts A Cincy “Big Win”

January 2, 2016



Sunpaper ace reporter Mike Preston predicts another Raven defeat 21 to 17 this Sunday when they face the Cincy Bengals. Earlier in the week on Touchdown Baltimore He stated that Cincy owns the Ravens . “Begals win BIG ”  Maybe Preston is hedging his bet. Whatever.

OnTheOtherHand :  Stat-wise Cincy  (362yds) is just a nick better that the Ravens  (360yds) offensively.  And defensive-wise Baltimore  (340.1yds) is even-steven against Cincy (340.8yds) Again Cincy will not blowout the Ravens as Preston suggested  on Tuesday’s Touchdown Baltimore.  The Ravens should wear their gold pants and force McCarron into turnover and mistakes.   Ravens are motivated and Bengals are reeling from their Denver defeat and a short  practice-week.


Ravens should win  24 to 17 .  Mallet isn’t Flacco but  McCarron ain’t Dalton. (Dalton barely won in Sept 28 to 24)

TouchDownBaltimore – BaltoSun Reporter Preston Says “Bengals Win BIG” Last Game

December 30, 2015

Sunpaper Sports Writer Mike Preston Apologizes For Making Outlandish Raven-Steelers Prediction. Promises To Be More Objective And Rational In The Future

December 28, 2015



TouchDown Baltimore – Mike Preston (Baltimore Sun ) Picks Tom Terrific Over January Joe In Saturday Playoff In Boston , Bruce Laird (Ex-Colt) Also Says Ravens Cannot Win

January 9, 2015



Deju Vu Football Predictions  . Mike Preston  picked the New England Patriots to beat the Ravens two years ago when they went on to win the Super Bowl.  Now again Preston puts his faith in the Los Vegas odds makers not in the Ravens  playoff  success and the Raven intangibles that say Flacco is  the best QB in football and the Ravens are the best team. Preston enthusiasticly bets against the Ravens everytime Vegas bets against them. Unfortunately the more street wise Bruce Laird  reluctantly joins Preston in his folly this time. Mark Vivano (WJZSports)  made no  prediction because he was filling in as modertator. He only pointed out that the the Flacco Ravens  have defeated New England the last two times they’ve met in the playoffs. Preston has become a worn out  cliche of negativity. GO RAVENS!

MediaMatters – Why Did Baltimore Sun Hire Conservative Republican Blog Red Maryland To Do, Speculative Gossip Commentary? Why Not Hire the Opinions of The Dodgy Daggers Rt-Wing Libertarian Inuendo and Smear Blog ? And What Happen To Mild-Mannered Conservative (Richard) Cross Purposes? And Will The Sun Offer the Same Contract To David Moon At the Fact-Based Democartic Maryland Juice?

February 24, 2014


WashPostWonkBlog – Obamacare Spin 101 – 1.WashPo: Maryland Issues Lowest Rates In U.S. 2.BaltoSun: Obama Premiums To Go Up 25% 3. DodgyDaggerGazettte: Obamacare In Md An 83% Healthcare Tax

August 12, 2013


BaltimoreBeatDown – Flacco Breaks His Single Year Passing Yard Record, Proves To Naysayers (BaltoSun) That He Is An “Elite QB” Who Was Simply In A Slump

December 24, 2012

elit185138--525x21524giants-1-articleLargegiantsweb24s-1-web York Giants v Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Sun Sports Reporters Unanimously Agree That Ravens Cant Beat Houston Texans This Week, Preston/Cowherd Think Houston Fired Up After Bad Loss To Green Bay, Others Say No Way Ravens Can Stop Arian Foster/ I Predict Ravens Will Be So Pissed Off With The Sun Reporters That Theyll Be Fired Up To Stop Houston, Foster And Dump Matt Schaub

October 21, 2012

Report Card B+ – BaltoSun Ace Sports Reporter Mike Preston Was Mostly Dead On With His Prediction That The Ravens Would Probably Lose To The Philadelphia Eagles: (a) The Ravens Letdown There Game, (b) The Projected Score Was Basicly Right On! (c) But The Eagles Were Just As Bad As They Were With Cleveland ,Four Turnovers Is Baaaad!

September 18, 2012

Mike Preston, BaltoSun Ace Sports Reporter Is Betting That Joe Flacco And The Baltimore Ravens Cant Win Two In A Row, Your Moment of Zen*

September 16, 2012


 *The Baltimore Ravens won there first game last year big time 35 to 7 against Pittsburg, and fell flat in game two losing 26 to 13 to the Tennesee Titans.

Baltimore Sun: Banned In Bel Air – “Public Libraries Absolutely Have No Business Banning Books Simply Because They Dont Approve Of Whats In Them”

June 3, 2012

Augusta,Georgia Tea Party Republicans Try To Help Aberdeen Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady In His Race for Mayor By Distorting Facts About Mayor Bennett’s Visit To Augusta On Behalf of Ripken Stadium Baseball

October 19, 2011

BaltimoreSun   CityStink  The City Stink is a Libertarian Tea Party Blog in Augusta, Georgia.  Lori Davis is one of the main writers for the City Stink. Lori Davis ran for Mayor last year as a Republican Tea Party  {Registered: Republican, Claims: Independent, TeaParty:Associated Not Affilted?} candidate. She was soundly defeated garnering only 18% of the vote. Deke Copenhaver, the Democrat {Registered: Independent, Declined Challenger for U.S. Senate, Democrat}, won with 64% of the vote. Lori Davis and several other writers have been writing about Aberdeen Mayor Michael Bennetts recent visit on behalf of the Ripken Baseball Group. They have distorted the facts about Mayor Bennett and the Ripken Baseball Group. .

The City Stink Tea  Party Republicans write about the Ripken-Aberdeen stadium deal based on the “grab line” in Justin Fentons    article  in the Baltimore Sun. The first line in the story says “The minor league Ripken Stadium , which opened to accalim and sold-out games five years ago, has proved to be such a financial drain to the small town of Aberdeen that the mayor now wants to sell it”  They don’t tell you the rest of the story. They act like they didn’t read the rest of the story. The guts of the story  is not in the overly  simplified dramatic first line meant to hook you. The most important part of the story that the Tea  Party City Stink and  the Tea Party Pat McGrady ignore is the truth they wish to distort. Sun reporter Fenton states, “The True windfall was expected to be the 30 acres of adjacent land for developement, including restarunts, shopping venues and a  movie theatre . Real estate , property and amusement taxes were supposed to bring in $900,000 annually and easily cover the city’s expenses.”   “From the start the viability of the project hinged on development around the stadium only some of which came to fruition.” “The operating expenses of the stadium would never have been completely offset by the income of the stadium (Chris) Flannery said.”       l

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