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Harford Dem Cenrtal Committee Calls For Del Mary Ann Lisanti To Resign For Her Racial Slur – HCDCC Member Barbara Kreamer Reads 3-Page Letter Of Support But Calls For Censure, Apolgy And Sensativity Training For The Racial Slur

March 3, 2019

How Come Barbara Kreamer Was Left Off The Harford Democratic Change Team? Mistake? Oversight? Cellphoneitis ? Mobilephone Amnesia? Bud Hines Shennanigans? Yougottapaytoplay?

August 6, 2018


One Week After Elections Democrat Barbara Kreamer Gets A Power Shot Pic For Winning Her 6th Consecutive Time For Democratic Central Committee

July 3, 2018


The lazy hazy crazy Republican Aegis which did little or nothing to cover the political primary election races does a post mortem on who’s up and  whose down on the Harford County central committees.

It journalism with out the journal  of reporting the actual event . Its like covering  a sporting event by telling you who the players are and then skipping to the final score. Journalism with no substance , no integrity,. Its know nothing journalism for know nothing voters. It leaves elections up to rumor, innuendo, hearsay and gossip. (The Dagger gossip blog fills the void)

That leaves elections up to the hokey  habit of handing out  political  propaganda  flyers as  fake “sample ballots” on election day. The result is . unethical, undemocratic, corrupt  elections. And the the same lazy journalists cant even report on the corruption!


Barbara Kreamer Wins Sixth Term On Harford Democratic Central Committee With 7, 248 Votes – Popular County Wide – But Cant Seem To Beat Corrupt Disreputable Helton Political Machine in District 34 Election

June 27, 2018


Barbara Kreamer was lead voter getter among women in the Harford Democratc Central Committee election returns. Donna Kahoe came in second.  The other women winners included Halley McDonald, Denise Perry and Jo Wanda Strickland Lucas.

First item on the agenda for the new Democratic Central Committee may be what to do about  sample ballot fraud on election day to confuse and manipulate voters.  Sample ballot fraud occured this past election in Edgewood  and elsewhere in District 34 and was stopped by an alert response by legislative candidate Sarahia Benn.

The perpatrators of the sample ballot fraud were  the Lisanit/James/Johnson ticket backed by the Helton political machine. The sample ballot fraud was ignored by the Republican Aegis and the Baltimore Sun.

Barbara Kreamer Was Badly Beaten In The Democratic Senate Primary By The Badly Flawed Candidate Mary D. James

June 27, 2018

Election returns for the Democratic Senate Primary Election for Dstrict 34 were  Mary D. James 5,841 votes (74%) and Barbara Kreamer 1,946 (26%).

Mary D. James lost four years ago in the General election to Republican Bob Cassilly by 15% of the vote

She has been involved in no special political civic efforts or spoken out on any state or local issues in the past four years for the community or the Democratic party to demonstrate she has something new to offer as a challenge to  the Neanderthal Right-Wing Republican Bob  Cassilly.

But maybe Political Boss Art Helton and the State DCC Political Boss Mike Miller  can throw some money at her to boost her chances.

Election 2018 Predictions

June 25, 2018



Barbara Kreamer candidate for MD State Senate primary  will win with at least 51% of the vote!



Allison Galbraith, Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Congress in Maryland’s First District will win with 45% of the vote Mike Puller will get 30% of the vote and Jesse Colvin will get 25%  of the vote!


Ishak And Kreis  will  win approval by the voters for the Circuit Court!


Sarahia Benn, candidate for the Democratic primary for House of Delegates D34A will win nomination   to the Genera lElection with 34% of the vote!


Dodgy Dagger – Kreamer Challenges District 24 Senate Opponent James Residency Case Pending Courts Appeal

June 23, 2018



DodgyDagger – Senate Candidate Kreamer Decries District 34 Democratic Primary Opponent James Outsize Gift Using Campaign Funds

June 23, 2018


The Very Day (5/21/14) Mary Dulaney James’s Political Aide (Luke Horah) Was Acqutited Of All Charges of Drunken Disorder And False Racial Blaming (Perjury) She Made An Illegal Gift of $750 In Campaign Money to The Harford NAACP (Lifetime Membership)!

June 21, 2018





Dodgy Dagger – Kreamer Challenges Opponents Residence – Case Pending In MD Court Of Appeals – High Court Seeks A Way Out

June 21, 2018



Barbara Kreamer At Aberdeen City Council Introducing Her Campaign For State Senate

May 30, 2018

Barbara Kreamer Says Harford County Hotel Tax Gave The County $15 Million The First Year And $16 Million The Second Year , While Aberdeeen Which Has the Most Hotels Recieved Only $198,000 The First Year And $445, 000 The Second Year- That Isn’t Fair

May 30, 2018

Republican Aegis – Letter To Editor – Harford State Senate Candidate Barbara Kreamer Recieves Prochoice Endorsement

May 22, 2018


Barbara Kreamer At New Harford Democratic Club – 05/20/2018

May 8, 2018




New Harford Demoratic Club Meeting Presents: Barara Kreamer, The Next Maryland State Senator From Harford County, Dist 34 – And Allison Galbraith, The Next U.S.Congress Woman Representing Marylands First District May 2nd, 2018 – 7PM – Holiday Inn – 1007 Beards Hill Rd., Aberdeen, Md

May 2, 2018




Vote For Barbara Kreamer For Maryland State Senate In the June 26th Democratic Primary – You Define The Issues When You Vote!

April 16, 2018


“Ten four year terms: that is what I have served:

Harford County Councilwoman (the first)

Commissioner for Maryland Commission for Women. (2 terms)

Democratic State Central Committee (5 terms).

Delegate to the General Assembly (2 terms)

You  define the issues. When you vote on June 26th in the Democratic Primary, you choose the champion for our Democratic values.




Steve Johnson Bumped Into Mary D. James In Annapolis This Past March In A Highly Organized Political Arrangemet! – Aberdeen’s Democratic Political Boss Art Helton Arranged A Political-Ticket Marriage Between Johnson And James When They Both Decided To Register For Running For Political Office! Is it A Political-Ticket Made In Heaven or One Made In Hell??!

April 10, 2018

f12d95d4bfbc479782895c1163217f75  Can  Steve Johnson, running for House of Delegates,  save Mary D James’s questionable political  reputation as she tries  a dubious do-over Senate race? Or will James’s defective character drag down Johnson’s character and vote totals in his  June political primary?


James’s political campaign was crushed in 2014 by 15 points,  in her bid for the State Senate when she ran against   Far-Right Republican Conservative Bob Cassilly.   James loss was  due mainly to her political reputation as an ethically and racially challenged Democrat.

She wanted to ride to victory on her fathers reputation as  a common sense moderate State Senator sixty plus years ago. But the Democrats and Independent voters didn’t buy it in 2014.

They didn’t buy it because James is a reactionary political weather vane.  And   Dems and Indies have not forgot  or forgiven James’s for her corrupt shenanigans?

James must have forgot that she wasn’t very popular back in Aberdeen in 2014 where she tried to politically black mail the town government into giving her law firms client ( an upscale CCRC*) an undeserved tax break for the promise to fight for a hotel tax for Harford County.

It was James’s job as elected official to work for the hotel tax.  But she misused her elected political position to bargain for the economic gain of  the her law firm. This was out and out political corruption.

James also made political enemies  with a large number of Southern Harford voters when  her chief of staff became involved in  a bloody drunken  fight  in Del. James’s Annapolis  office four years ago and then  blamed the assault  on an imaginary “6 foot two black man”.

James never publicly apologized for the racist drunken  incident and it was never clear whether she fired her political aide.

And to add insult to injury Mary D. James’s  formidable opponent in her upcoming Democratic primary is her once good friend  and hard working Democratic Party work horse Barbara Osborne Kreamer.  Elected 5 times in a row to the Harford County Democrat  Central Committee (HCDCC) she is the stalwart face of the progressive values of the Harford Democratic party for the past four decades.

Has James  got a political chance against Kreamer ?

Who will the Dems pick in their political primary ? The flawed but talented engaged progressive workhorse or the corrupt entitled bored conservative  show horse?



Resist the good old boy Democratic political bosses in Annapolis and Aberdeen!  Defy the reactionary conservatism and white supremacy of the  Harford Republican Trump Party.

*CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community)


Barbara Kreamer Candidate For Maryland State Senate District 34 – Havre De Grace City Council Meeting – April 2, 2018

April 4, 2018

Reliable Sources: Unethical “Blue Dog” Democrat Mary-Dulaney James “Urges” Progressive Democrat Barbara Kreamer To “Get Out” Of Primary Race For State Senate Or She Will Run A “Smear Campaign” Against Her

February 28, 2018


Resist the Good Ole Boy Democratic political bosses in Aberdeen and Annapolis! Defy the reactionary conservatism and white supremacy of the Harford Republican/Trump Party!


Define the issues with your vote on June 26th in the Democratic Primary!


Reliable Sources: Senate President Mike “The Fixer” Miller And Congressman “Dutch” Ruppersberger Have “Urged” Harford County Progressive Democrat Barbara Kreamer To “Get Out” Of The Race For State Senate And Give Unethical “Blue Dog” Democrat Mary-Dulaney James A “Free Ride” In The Primary!

February 28, 2018







Progressive Democrat Barbara O. Kreamer Takes On Anti-Environment, Anti-Consumer, Anti-Fair Wage, Gun Nut, Alt-Right Republican State Senator Bob Cassilly In 2018 Md State Senate Race!

February 16, 2018



Republican Who Was Found Guilty Of Killing Three Dogs For Defecating On His Property Runs For Harford County Council District D As An “Un-Politician”!

January 6, 2018


Republican Jerry Scarborough is running for`Harford County Council, District D! He believes he needs to raise forty thousand dollars to compete! For just $75 you can be apart of a fund raising auction for his campaign .

Ask Uncle Jerry about the  three dogs he was found guilty of killing in 1992 for defecating on his property. Ask him about why he retired from the State Police in 1992 after he refused to be interrogated by police “Internal Affairs”.

This is the legacy that Trump Land has given us. The ultimate “I’m Not A  Politician” politician. The Un-Politician!!!!

The Democrats in Harford have a chance to get back on the County Council big time this year!

District D is in flux with Uncle Jerry running! If he beats incumbent  Shrodes in the primary then any Democratic dog lover could win! (1)


District A is up for grabs. The Republican is quitting! (2) Democrat Andre Johnson should easily take this seat!


District C is  open. Captain Jim is leaving to run for State Delegate District 34B (3)

District E is open. The Republican is running for Council President! (4)

And the Council President seat is open! The incumbent Republican is retiring! (5)




Kreamer vs. McGrady: McGrady Won’t Reduce Property Tax As He Promised, City Surplus Mounts Up

June 5, 2016

Kreamer vs. McGrady: Promised Tax Cut Turns Into Cat-Fart Reduction ($.004)

June 5, 2016

Barbara Kreamer Advocates Lower Property Tax While Mayor Plays “Sandbox Politics”

February 19, 2016

Barbara Kreamer , Candidate For Aberdeen City Council Says Town Property Tax Should Be Lowered To 50 Cents

November 1, 2015



     Barbara Kreamer is an experienced politician and a amiable political gadfly. She was a state delegate and a County Council member for southern Harford. She told the Aegis (Nine Candidates, 10/23/15):  “We have a council that is too willing to go along with the executive. The  council needs to maintain checks and balances.” Kreamer has forcefully and thoughtfully argued that we need a lower property tax to be economically competive with Bel Air and Havre de Grace. She told The Aegis “I think people in Aberdeen need someone who is looking out for there everyday interests”     Dedicated to the public interest Kreamer  believes .”with a good government next time,we could really make a difference for the future of the town…I would like to be a part of the solution”

Aberdeen City Election – Tuesday, Nov 3, 2015 – The Winning Democrataic Ticket For Aberdeen

October 29, 2015


05/2015 – Barbara Kreamer, Candidate For Aberdeen City Council, Questions High Property Tax And Budget Discrepencies

October 14, 2015



Barbara Kreamer, Former State Delegate And County Councilwoman Is The Last Candidate To Enter The Race For For Aberdeen City Council

October 12, 2015


DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





Twelve Years Ago Barbara Kreamer Warned Voters And The Republican Aegis About Slutzkys Developer Ties, Now Shes Warning Voters About Vincenti’s Developer Ties

October 27, 2014








Democrat Barbara Kreamer, Candidate For County Council Dist E, Opposes Party Barn On Farm And Questions Vincenti’s Ethical Standards Accepting Campaign Contribution From Party Barn Interests

September 27, 2014

Republican Aegis Points Out That Patrick Vincenti ,Republican Candidate For County Council Dist E, Is Sympathetic To Wedding Venue Proposal – But Leaves Out Fact That Vincenti Has Accepted Campaign Contribution From Regent At Stone House

September 27, 2014


Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Refuses To Report On League of Woman Voters/HCC Candidates Form , Ignores 12 Political Candidates Running For County Government, Democrats Thornton, Kreamer And Kazimir Run Circles Around Republican Candidates, Slutzky Looks Slick, Vincenti Looks Lost And McMahon Looks Like A Political Joke, Voters Can Go To HCN.Pegcentral.Com To Find Out What Aegis Is Trying To Hide

September 27, 2014


LWVCandidatesForum – Democrat Barbara Kreamer – Do Elections Matter Or Does Big Money Control Elections

September 26, 2014

Who Will Replace Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central? Samantha Bee? Jason Jones? Assif Mandvi? M-D James? Mike Hiob? Or Luke Horah?

April 14, 2014


Harford Dem Central Committee Top Winners Joseph Smith (7623) And Barbara O. Kreamer (7310)

September 16, 2010


The Sun – A Three Way Race For Mayor of Aberdeen – Bennett, Kreamer and Hiob

October 1, 2009


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