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Aberdeen Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady Blames No County Money For Aberdeen Community Activity Center On Republican County Executive And Republican County Council Discrimination! McGrady Ask Citizens of Aberdeen To Petition County Government!

August 17, 2019

In a letter sent out to all registered voters of  Aberdeen, Mayor Patrick McGrady  says:

“The City Council signed a contract to purchase a 13.4 acre property at 84 W Bel Air Avenue –near the intersection of Niddketon Road an W Bel Air Ave- a location that is convenient for almost all of Aberdeen’s 16,00 residents.


However, the County Executive, and his deputy Billy Boniface, have told City staff that the project might NOT get funded because he County “Administration” is displeased with out Harford County Councilman, Rob Wagner, who voted against the County Budget this year.”


Is the County Administration really so corrupt that it will discriminate against the citizens of Aberdeen for some petty political dispute it has with Councilman Wagner?

Or is this just another McGrady political stunt to gain  election year attention?

Why did McGrady wait until Election year to be concerned about a new Community Activity Center?





Republican Aegis – Harford County Council Votes To Support Glassmans Racist Muslim Housing-Zoning Policy In Joppatowne And Hire Another Lawyer! This Is What Harford County Tried 60 Years Ago Against Blacks Seeking To Buy A Home!

June 24, 2018

The Sun Editorial – County Exec Barry Glassman Joins The Demagogues To Fight Muslim Funded Developement In Joppatowne! Thanks Ba-a-a-rry!

November 1, 2017


Is County Executive Barry Glassman Trying To Scare Muslims In Joppatowne? This Va Governor Race Ad Depicts The Nightmare Glassman And His Racist Friends Are Sowing!

November 1, 2017


The Ghost of John Wilkes Booth Religious Bigot Award: Barry Glassman*

October 29, 2017


“Public officials in Maryland are suing the builder of a retirement community where homes were sold only to Muslims,accusing him of defamation after he accused them of religious discrimination.” Washington Post , Justin Moyer,  Harford County Officials Sue Builder of Muslim Community For Defamation

After  Harford County delayed building permits for Gemcraft Homes in Joppatowne, Bill Luther of Gemcraft Homes filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against county officials. Mr. Luther claimed that county authority discriminates “against people of the Islamic faith”.

Harford Countys response was to file a defamation counter suit in U.S. District Court  . The county claims Mr. Luther “impugned” the county “to be prejudice and bigoted”. The  County also claimed , “Mr. Luther made these false statements with actual  malice…”

Luther replied that public officials cant sue their citizens “for defamation when citizens exercise their freedom of speech.”

Luther  also said “In this country every person has the right to express his or her opinions in response to government actions. I will not be intimidated by the defamation claim.  The county should abandon these kinds of tactics and allow innocent home buyers to move into their homes”.

County Executive Barry Glassman hereby is awarded the Ghost of John Wilkes Booth Award For Religious Discrimination  In Housing

John Wilkes Booth wanted to stop President Abe Lincoln from stopping slavery. He didn’t wait for it to happen. He went out and tried to make it happen with…  a gun (Second  Amendment Rights?)

Barry Glassman  appears to  not want Muslims to live in a retirement community in Joppatown and he didnt wait for it to happen. He listened to his inner light, the voices in side his head and his Republican  political base.  Then he  just went out to make it happen by filing a flimsy defamation law suit to stop those pesky Muslims. (Its the oldest legal intimidation trick in the book)

Congratulations Barry Glassman. You are now officially a political bigot.

*Political Humor


FoxBaltimore News – Harford County Executive Attempts To Sue Muslim Joppatowne Builder For Slander – Builder Accused County Of Anti-Muslim Bias For Shutting Down Building Site! Is Harford County Run By Anti-Muslim Bigots????

October 27, 2017

Harford County Executive Barry Glassman Is Up Side Down Thinking About Running For Congress!

September 21, 2017


Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Spreads Political Speculation That Republican Barry Glassman May Challenge Andy Harris For His Congressional Seat! Glassman Says He Will Reveal His Mysterious Plans On Oct 17th!

September 21, 2017

In the September 20, 2017 issue (Candidates Signing On For 2018 Harford Elections) of the Republican Aegis, ace reporter David Anderson states:

No one had filed for Harford County executive as of late Monday afternoon, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections website. Incumbent County Executive Barry Glassman is scheduled to make an announcement about his plans Oct.17 at the Level Fire Hall , where he declared his candidacy in the past.



The Republican Aegis continued its unethical and corrupt journalistic bad habit of not reporting the political fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is registered to run for the U.S. Congress Maryland lst District.






Republican Aegis   Editors: Triffon G.Alatzas, EIC,BaltoSun ;Allan Vought, News Editor; Ted Hendricks Senior Editor – Newsroom 410-838-4400 – 139 N. Main Street, Bel Air, Md 21278

DodgyDagger/QuidProQuo -County Council Prez Richard Slutzky Introduces Dodgy Legislation Bill 15-036 That Disregards Development Envelope And Flouts Master Zoning Plan

November 21, 2015


Public hearing, Tuesday, December 1, 2015, 630PM , Councils chamber.

NYTimes/ Paul Krugman – Politics Determines Who Wins Power, Not Who Has The Truth

November 9, 2014


Maryland League of Conservation Voters 2013 Legislative Scorecard: South Harford’s Know-Nothing Republicans Sen. Jacobs And Del.Glass Vote Against All Major Environmental Protections With Zero Score , Harfords Only Democrat In Annapolis Del. Mary-Dulany James* Sadly Only Votes 50% Of Time For Environmental Reforms* , North Harfords Del.Norman, Stifler, McComas and Senator Glassman Vote Against Protecting Environment Most of the Time

August 11, 2013

glass10-e13094001207451198-1-1238b1198-1-3193b009008010 The average score for Democrat delegates was 81%. The average for Republican delegates was 26%. That makes James-Dulany a Mugwump. *

Havre De Grace Patch – State Sen. Barry Glassman Says ” The Time Has Come For Me To Lead Harford County…I’m Ready To Shepherd Harford County.”…Are Harford Voters A Herd Of Sheep?

July 1, 2013


Bel Air State Senator And Stalwart* Repub Barry Glassman, Not Aberdeen’s Flaky Repub Delegate Glenn Glass, To Run For Harford County Executive – Dodgy Dagger Endorses Glassman,Not Glass – Can Harfords Dufus Del. Glass Ride “Coattail Confusion” To Relection ?? Or Will Del. Glass’s Incompetence And Ineptitute Damage Sen. Glassman’s Brand??

June 2, 2013


*Stalwart – Conservative traditional Republican who opposes most reform or political change.Votes against most social, economic and enviromental change.

Maryland Consumers Rights Coaltion 2011 Legislative Scorecard – Harford County’s Best State Legislators, : The Progressives – 1. Del. Mary-Dulany James(Dist.34A) – 100%,Sen. J.B. Jennings (Dist.7) – 100% – The Moderates – 1. Sen. Barry Glassman (Dist35) – 65.9% 2. Del. Wayne Norman (Dist.35A) – 62.5%

February 23, 2012

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