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TheSun/Aegis – Political Landslide – Bennett Wins Big (53% to 40%) – Hiob and Kuperfman Kicked Out For Land Politics

November 5, 2009

michael_hiobronald_kupfermanbennett-248x300The Sun/Aegis

Mayor-Michael Bennett – 982 – Michael Hiob – 739 -Babara Kreamer – 139

City Council – Ruth Elliot – 1236 – Bruce Garner -1123 – Sandy Landbeck -1077 – Ruth Ann Young – 1014– Ron Kupferman -967 – Trudie Norman – 285 – Zenobia Todd – 439

Political Countdown 2009 Aberdeen Elections – Postcard From the Edge – We Can’t Afford Them Anymore!

October 30, 2009

(This message was delivered by postcard in the U.S. Mail)

During Mike Hiob and Ron Kupferman’s last 6 years on the Aberdeen City Council
– Your property taxes were raised 56%
– Your water and sewer bills were doubled
– They did nothing to solve the city’s water shortage
-They stood idlt by while vital city infrastructure deteriorated
– They voted twice for large developer driven land annexations that would cost you and the city $$$ millions after you, the voter, rejected the annexations


The Dagger – Hiob “Inside-Out” Campaign Raises $11,000 – Mainly from Developers, Mike Bennett “It’s About Trust” Campaign Raises $3,989 – $300 From Arthur Helton

October 10, 2009

michael_hiobmayor_bennettThe Dagger

Hiob Notable Campaign Contributions:
HCS LLC (Wetlands) $1000
DD &SP LLC (real estate) 500
Craig Vickers 1000
Joseph Salvo – 1000
Kerean Pantel – 1000
Ferrel Fuel – 1000
Hickory Ridge Invest LLC (rep by Curtis Coon) 1000
Del Mary Dulaney James – 500
Eight East Bel Air LLC – 200
Glenville Prop LLC ( Real Estate Mgmnt)) 250
Involved Citizens for Riley – 250

ClearChannel Outdoors (Billboard) $1200
Allsigns – $1462
Bright Star Printing – 2144

Michael Bennett Notable Campaign Contributions
401 Market, LLC ( Helton) $300
McPhailWoods, LLC – $1000
Carsin Run LLC (P.Bosworth) – 500
Morris & Ritchie Assoc – 150
Ruth Young – $30
Aaron Tomarchio – 30

Bottomless Cup $1000
OfficeCenter & ABC Signs $1400

The Sun – A Three Way Race For Mayor of Aberdeen – Bennett, Kreamer and Hiob

October 1, 2009


Political Countdown 2009 – Harford Democratic Club Endorses Mike Bennett for Mayor of Aberdeen. Angry Mike Hiob Burns Political Bridges.

September 6, 2009

The Sunmayor_welcomeThe New Harford Democratic Club(NHDC) endorsed Mike Bennett for Mayor of Aberdeen by a vote of 17 to 14. Mike Hiob and Mike Bennett sought the endorsement by speaking and answering questions at the monthly meeting. Mike Hiob after seeking the endorsement and being rejected ridiculed the NHDC in the Right-Wing Republican blog ,The Dagger,stating :”I didn’t want nor do I need the A&A (Art & Ann) Club endorsement.” In a bitter response to losing the endorsement Hiob went on to deride the winner with a vulgar personal attack ,stating, :”This ‘endorsement’ is just another confirmation that Art Helton and Mike Bennett are connected at the hip (or something else?)”. Hiob also angrily attacked the ‘endorsement’ itself because he believes it : “…will allow the club to spend thousands of their PAC dollars directly for the benefit of Mike Bennett. And for the spreading(sic) slime about me.”

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