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Straight Outta Aberdeen – Election In Aberdeen Is Experencing A Big Turnout Early. This Turnout Should Be Bigger Than 2007 Election That Threw Fred “TaxTax Annex” Simmons Outta Office. That Was A 30% Turnout With 2412 Voters

November 3, 2015



The last election (2011) was a 18.6%  very low turnout with 1502 voters. That election was apparently boring because only one position on the ballot was competitive—the mayor. The four council seats  had no competition.

This year its a free-for-all  all over the place. Four candidates for Mayor. Nine for council.

The more the candidates ,the more the voter interest. And  voters for the very first time in Aberdeen history have three  significant  black candidates  they can vote for or not. That is spiking more interest than usual. And the weather is excellent. This a perfect political storm that will increase the Democratic and Independent voter turnout , which should be bad news for Republicans in general.  And the wing-nut Tea Party Republicans are probably in for a rude awakening. They’ll be lucky to get one spot on the council. Forget about mayor.

As Donald Trump might say…the voter turnout is H-U-G-H!!!

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