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Republican Aegis Buried The Story On Page 4, And Then Censored (Edited-Out) the Most Dramatic Moment At The County Council Meeting : Boniface Threatened To Shut-Up One Citizen (OBrien) For Mentioning “Campaign Contributions”, Then Shuts-Up A Second (Onorato)

June 8, 2014







Bill Onorato – Two Choices For Harford County Council On Eva Mar Project

May 9, 2014

Bill Onorato/EvaMar : Smoking Gun??? Joe Snee,Aegis/ Jan 2014 “We Cleaned Up The Code..And We Moved It Over To Bel Air”

May 9, 2014




Bill Onorato – The Eva Mar Plan Is A Pattern of Special Deals, Favortism And Cronyism

May 9, 2014

The Republican Aegis reporter missed this significant Bill Onorato testimony on May 6th with all the excitement about the Livability Code which pushed the meeting down to eleven oclock. The reporter sat right behind speakers who testfied on the Livabilty Code, but she left when the late testimony began about the Eva Mar plan

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