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Salon – The Many Lies of Bill O’Reilly – Yes Blacks Are Regularly Targeted B y Police, They Are Called “Pretext Stops” By Cops, The Public Calls It “Driving While Black”

July 15, 2016


Stephen Colbert -Colbert /O’Reilly Butt Heads

February 9, 2016

RackJite – Colbert Makes Fool Out Of SuperBowl Bill O’Reilly

February 13, 2014


Bill O’Reilly On LateNite With David Letterman

May 25, 2012

Mediaite – Bill Maher Calls Bill O’Reilly A ‘Dick’ For His Behavior During Pre-Super Bowl Interview – 02:11:11

February 13, 2011

RackJite   Mediaite

Bill Maher : Bill O’Reilly’s “Unpatriotic” Interview And Becks ‘Messiah Complex’

February 10, 2011


Bill O’Reilly Interview With Pres. Barack Obama

February 7, 2011

HuffPost – Colbert Thanks Bill O’Reilly For Giving Life Meaning

February 5, 2011


HuffPost – Jon Stewart Hits Back At Bill O’Reilly For Defending Nazi Rhetoric On FoxNews

January 29, 2011


HuffPost – Colbert Discovers Bill O’Reilly’s Theology: “There Must Be A God Because I Dont Know How Things Work”

January 8, 2011


HuffPost – Stephen Colbert’s Best ‘Papa Bear’ O’Reilly Moments

October 24, 2010


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