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SethMyers/A Closer Look – Trump Lies About His Birther Position

September 20, 2016

LarryWimore/NightlyShow – Civil Unrest Moms Movement – “Now Obama Is African-American. He’s Not Kenyan Anymore? It Just Took Baltimore Burning Down To The Ground To Get A Rich White Man To Admit That Obama Is An American! Hallelooyah! Thank You Jesus!”

April 29, 2015



ThinkProgress – Romney “No Ones Ever Asked To See My Birth Certificate” – Just A Little Joke Or Racist Dog Whistle?

August 25, 2012

Politico/LeonardPitts – Is ‘Birther’ Nonsense Rooted In Racism Or Is It Just ‘Reflexive Hostility’ ?

April 21, 2011

LeonardPitts  Politico

C-Span/Open Phones 04:16:11 – Should Donald Trump Run For President?

April 18, 2011


Bill Maher – Only Race Could Explain 51% Of Republican Voters Being Birthers

March 27, 2011


USAToday – Obama—‘Born In The USA’—Draws Laughs At Press Dinner

March 15, 2011


Birther Interrupts Reading Of Constitution Yelling “Except Obama, Help Us Jesus!”

January 7, 2011

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