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Republican Aegis – Extreme-Right-Wing Republican Harford State Senator Bob Cassilly Says ” Kirwan (Commission) Will Bankrupt the State of Maryland.” Cassilly Voted With Every State Legislator In Maryland But One ( Republican Sen. Chris West) For the Kirwan!

April 26, 2019

$725 million in new Kirwan school funding passes Senate, House committees


Dagger – Harford Republican State Senator Reveals He Is A Trump-Racist With His Fearmongering And Race Baiting About Crime In Baltimore!!!!

February 6, 2019

Click to access 2018_MD_PCT.pdf

Barbara Kreamer Was Badly Beaten In The Democratic Senate Primary By The Badly Flawed Candidate Mary D. James

June 27, 2018

Election returns for the Democratic Senate Primary Election for Dstrict 34 were  Mary D. James 5,841 votes (74%) and Barbara Kreamer 1,946 (26%).

Mary D. James lost four years ago in the General election to Republican Bob Cassilly by 15% of the vote

She has been involved in no special political civic efforts or spoken out on any state or local issues in the past four years for the community or the Democratic party to demonstrate she has something new to offer as a challenge to  the Neanderthal Right-Wing Republican Bob  Cassilly.

But maybe Political Boss Art Helton and the State DCC Political Boss Mike Miller  can throw some money at her to boost her chances.

Dodgy Dagger – Harford Republican Senator Bob Cassilly Against Fair Due Process Arbitration For Teachers In Job Evaluations!

April 8, 2018


BaltimoreFishbowl – Harford County Senator Wants To Brink Back Capital Punishment Executions In Maryland Using Heroin/Fentanyl Cocktail! Unconstitutional? Criminal Idea?

March 31, 2018

Progressive Democrat Barbara O. Kreamer Takes On Anti-Environment, Anti-Consumer, Anti-Fair Wage, Gun Nut, Alt-Right Republican State Senator Bob Cassilly In 2018 Md State Senate Race!

February 16, 2018



Harford County Sen. Bob Cassilly Says: “Put Heroin And Fentanyl In Death Penalty Lethal Injections.”

February 1, 2018


Heroin/Fentanyl Cocktail For Lethal Injection Exsecution Is A Sick Cop Fantasy? Murder is Murder Whether its Done By A Sick Criminal , A Sick Cop, A Sick Prosecutor Or A Sick Harford Legislator!The H/F Cocktail Is Inhumane And Unreliable!

October 26, 2017




MaryPIRG 2017 – Md State Legislative Scorecard – Most Harford Legislators Vote Against Public Consumer Interests – Republican Sen. Bob Cassilly Worst Harford Legislator With A 30% Public Interest Score

October 12, 2017





Click to access Maryland%20PIRG%202017%20Legislative%20Scorecard.pdf


Maryland Legislative Environmental Scorecard 2017 – South Harford – Dist 34A – Democrat Del. Mary Ann Lisanti Excellent 100% Score! – Republican Sen. Bob Cassilly Failure 40% Score! – Republian Del. Glen Glass, Failure 33% Score!

September 22, 2017

Dodgy Dagger – Dodgy Harford Senator Bob Cassilly Repeats B.S.from Dodgy Governor Hogan on County State Road Money – Harford DCC Member Christopher Boardman Sets Him Straight

January 14, 2017

DodgyDagger/SoulCrusher -Conflict Of Interest/Prestige Ethics Violations? -Did The Harford Republican Cassilly Bros (Del. Andrew and Sen. Bob) Violate The Law 5.506 Use of Prestige of Office And 5.501 Restricyions On Particpation

July 8, 2016


DodgyDagger/SoulCrusher -Political Corruption??? Republican State Sen. Bob Cassilly Gets His Big Brother Harford Republican States Atty. Joe Cassilly A Raise!!!!

July 6, 2016

While Republican  Harford County States Attorney  Joe Cassilly is not fit to be a judge, his  little brother ,newly elected Md. State Senator Bob Cassilly got him a raise eqivalent to a District Court judge with  Senate Bill 146. Is the matter unethical, immoral and illegal? Should a  State Senator be able to  use his political influence to get his brother a pay raise? Write your State Senator…er…oh you cant do that! Write your congressman! Ask the Republican Aegis/Sun why they didn’t report or examine the matter! And thank Soul Crusher at the Dodgy Dagger for once again pointing out POLITICAL CORRUPTION !!!!


Embarrass A Cop In Maryland? That’ll Be Five Years In Jail.


– Harfords Gun-Nut State Senators Wayne Norman And Bob Cassilly Join 11 Other Republican Senators To Introduce Senate Bill 100 To Make “Self-Defense” A Legitimate Reason To Carry Concealed Weapon In MerryLand…Thanks To The Democrats This Crazy Bill Hasnt Got A Prayer

February 14, 2015


Click to access sb100f.pdf


South Harford (Dist 34) Democrats And Independents Have To Decide If They Want A Chuck Boutin-Blue Dog Democrat For State Senate (M-D James) Or Another Right-Wing Reactionary Nancy Jacobs Republican (B.Cassilly)

August 31, 2014






Havre de Grace, the home town of flawed Democrat M-D James, is also the film setting for the hometown of flawed Democrat Frank Underwood   (FU)

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