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MarylandReporter – Demographics Say Rep. Donna Edwards Most Likely To Beat Only Viable Republican Candidate For U.S. Senate

March 24, 2015

Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NCMaryland Governor Makes Appeal For Slot Machines


Md Sen. Barbara Mikulski To Retire – U.S. Senate Seat Up For Grabs In 2016 : Ex-Gov. Martin O’Malley , Heather Mizeur, Labor Sec. Tom Perez, Mayor Rawlings Blake, Congressman Andy “(Winky) Harris and ex-Gov.Bob Ehrilich May Run

March 2, 2015




CRossPurposes – Ehrlich Goes To New Hamshire – Misses The Political Game

September 15, 2014


WashPo – Ex-Ehrlich Campaign Manager Convicted In Robocall Case

December 7, 2011

WashPo – Top Ehrlich Aide (Paul Schurick) And Consultant (Julius Henson) Indicted in Robocalls Case

June 17, 2011


Cross Purposes/Political Crystal Ball – O’Malley 54% to Ehrlich 45%

October 31, 2010


TheSun- O’Malley Widens Lead Over Ehrlich in Sun Poll (52% to 38%)

October 24, 2010


CityPaper – The Pie-Slicers – How O’Malley and Ehrlich Sliced Up the State Budget

October 23, 2010


WJZ – O’Malley/Ehrlich First Debate – 10/11/10

October 19, 2010

CityPaper – Political Animal – Groundhog Day Polls – 2010 Neck And Neck (Sun) or 11 Points Up (WashPo) /2006 Neck and Neck (Sun) or 10 Points Up (WashPo)

October 18, 2010


PoliticsDaily – Md Gov O’malley Says WashPost Surge Poll (O’Malley 52%, Ehrlich 41%) Is Just A ‘Snapshot’ Of The Race, Ehrlich Goes Berserk And Says ‘No’ It Can’t Be True, WasPost Polls Were The Most Accurate in 2006 Because They Did Not Underestimate Black Voter Turnout (25% of Dem Vote In 2006)

September 30, 2010


WashPost – Poll Shows O’Malley Surging Ahead in Md. Governors Race, (52% t0 41%)

September 29, 2010


Ex-Ehrlich Aide Suggests Bob Ehrlich Could Play Moe Howard in The Three Stooges

September 19, 2010


WashPost – Brian Murphy Is A Wild Card in Battle For Maryland Governor Against Bob Ehrlich – If He Gets Above 25% It Pushes Ehrlich In the ‘Embarassment Zone’

September 13, 2010

      WashPost    MPT-Interview

WashingtonPost – Is Ehrlich’s Gamble In Montgomery County His ‘Little Big Horn’ ?

August 31, 2010


Ehrlichs Double-Talk

August 30, 2010

The Sun – Maryland Governor Candidates Battle For Votes – Can Ehrlich Tap Into ‘Tea Party’ Anger? Can O’Malley Energize Obama Voters?

August 29, 2010


GazetteNet – Tea Party Anger Might Back Fire on Ehrlich Over Sneaky Backroom Deal Republican Politics Suspending Rule 11 In Maryland

August 20, 2010


GazetteNet – O’Malley And Ehrlich Debate Over Debates

August 13, 2010


Blond On Blond -The Dodgy Dagger Suggests Nancy Jacobs Was Potential Ehrlich Running-Mate, More Likely It Was Political Shenanigans To Placate Harford Repubs, The List Called Jacobs ‘Too Partisan’ And ‘Way-Right-Wing’

August 2, 2010

The List 

Politico – O’Malley Posts Win In Radio Fight

June 27, 2010


WashPost – O’Malley Runs Ad Attacking Ehrlich As Big Oil Lobbyist

June 27, 2010

FantasyLand Radio AdWashPost

Big Oil For Bob Ehrlich

June 17, 2010

Maryland Politics Watch – Can Ehrlich Defeat O’Malley? Only In Campaign Fundraising

May 17, 2010

Md Political Watch

GazetteNet – Maryland Dems See Power In Numbers, GOP See Opportunity In Message

May 17, 2010


Del Maggie L. McIntosh(D-Dist 43-Baltimore): ” We have seen in the Obama race very robust increases in voter registration.Obama won in Districts that were historically very conservative Democratic or Republican strongholds.”

WashPost – Murmurs In Maryland Political Circles – Does Ehrlich Have the Fire in the Belly Needed To Win? Or Would He Rather Be On the Golf Course?

April 26, 2010


WashPost – Political Tide Yet To Lift Maryland GOP Hope

March 29, 2010


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