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Is The Dodgy Dagger Racist? Dodgy Dagger Refuses To Report On Harford Deputy Accused Of Racial Harrasssent Of Black Lawyer In Court Room

March 28, 2019




The story is printed everywhere. NY Post! Washington Post! WBAL:! WJZ! Balto Sun! The Republican Aegis!

Why doesnt the Dodgy Dagger report the news about  a black Lawyer being racially harrassed by a Harford County Deputy Sheriff in a Bel Air  Court?

Only one reason! ! It doesnt want a lot of comments made about the embarrassing story!  Cover it up! Bury the bad racial news about local police! Maybe it will go away! Daggers default position on police negativity is “Censor And Block”

The Dagger is racist in its coverage of news about Harford County police!

And Brian Goodman, the Dodgy Dagger owner,  is a racist journalist!

They should be  nominated  for the John Wilkes Booth Award for racist journalism.


Friends of White-Nationalist-Friendly Route 40 Republican Club: Gahler (Republican Candidate for Sheriff) , Michael Blizzard (Repub Candidate For House of Delegates) Patrick McGrady (Republican Tea Party RebelRouser) & Brian Goodman (Republican DodgyDagger)

January 9, 2014


Knife In The Water Pt. 2: Helton State Senate Campaign In Limbo , DodgyDagger/Kreamer/Hiob/James Get Harford County Board of Elections Judge To Reverse Her Decision In July of 2010 On Helton Residency, Harford Blue Dogs Join Republicans To Trash South Harford Democratic Party

December 15, 2013


Raven Little, Baltimore Sun August 2010 – “State law allows a person to establish residency in one place while living in another”  (see Blount case)

Art Helton, The Sun, Aug 2010 – “The state and federal courts are clear. You can live where you want to live. You can own more than one home. …Its a matter of where you want to vote and where you want to live ”

But can a state board of election administrator change the law from year to year based on  a whim or  on her own biased candidate preference?

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