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Baltimore Sun: ” Hogan Lockbox” Is Political Bull Shit! (Alternative Fact)

September 17, 2018,amp.html


Melania’s Disappearance Is Like A Hitchcock Movie: The Lady Vanishes

June 11, 2018


Village Voice – Kevin Young Has Had Just About Enough Of This Bullshit And Bunkum!

April 24, 2018


DodgyDagger/TonyV – Mayor McGrady Lied!: “Mayor McGrady Convinced All Of Those Voters That The Water And The Tax Bills Would Go Down If He Were In Office.”

August 8, 2017



NewYorker -Trumps “Most Speech-Like Speech” Is At Odds With What He Has Been Saying And Doing The Past 5 Weeks

March 2, 2017


CrooksAndLiars – KellyAnne Conway Threatens Clinton If She Does’nt Drop Recount

November 28, 2016


WashPost – Donald Trump Continues To Lie, Pretending He Saved Lincoln/Ford Jobs In Kentucky – Unlike George Washington, Trumps Motto Is “I Cannot Tell The Truth!”

November 23, 2016


Mark (Bollocks) Halperin/ With All Disrespect Journalist Makes Gamey Attack On NY Times -Disagrees With One Headline, Calls Times Anti-Trump Biased – Reactionary Repub Joe Coffee Agrees

November 11, 2016

How Donald Trump Answers Questions: Huckster Speech

January 8, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Is Aberdeen TeaParty Republican Mayor McGrady A Partisan Political Hack???

January 3, 2016


On Dec 21, the Aberdeen City Council unanimously rejected Mayor McGradys first nomination to fill the counsel seat vacancy. His choice was his Tea Party Republican crony  Sean DeBonis (644 votes) who tied for the fourth seat with incumbent Stephen Smith (644 votes).  The next fair and democratic step should have been the nomination of the Democratic incumbent Stephen Smith. Instead , according to Councilman Tim Lindecamp, Mayor McGrady has told council members that his next nominee will be another Tea Party political crony Jason Kolligs ( 511 votes) who came in 8th in the recent election.

This is political bullshit. Mayor McGrady is corrupting the political election process and the integrity of the Aberdeen City government. He is nothing less than a political partisan hack.


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