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Bel Air Mayor Burdette To Run Against Capt Jim For Council District C!!!!!

September 20, 2017


Harford Republican Councilman Captain Jim (McMahon) Has Panic Attack About JLENS Blimp At APG : “What Is Up In The Air?… Just Tell Us What It Is! We Can Handle the Truth” Maybe Capt. Jim Didnt Ask NORAD Enough Question During The Briefing Or Maybe He Wasnt Listening

March 21, 2015





Harford County Democracy In Action Photo Finish – Council President Boniface Asks For The Second Time: “Is There A Second?” Capt. Jim Looks At Woods For Support. Woods Stares Down Captain Jim. Lisanti And Boniface Wait With Anticipation. Shrodes,Slutzky And Guthrie Appear Disinterested As If They Know The Outcome…Slick

April 22, 2013



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