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Douche Bagger Or Carpetbagger? Your Choice For the U.S. Congress In Marylands First District! Republican Andy Harris Or Democrat Jesse Colvin?

July 12, 2018

Progressive Democrats Split Their Political Power Galbraith/Puller(41%) To Be Defeateted By Neo-Conservative Carpetbagger DINO Colvin (38%)

June 27, 2018

Democratic progressives in the Maryland  First Congressional  District defeated the Neo-Conservative Carpetbagger  by 41% to 38%. Unfortunately the progressive vote was   won by two differant candidates

Democratic carpetbagger Jesse “James” Colvin stole the primary election for Congress  in the First District with 38% of the vote .

Progressive rising political star  Allison Galbraith could only garner 28% of the vote coming in a distant second.

Her fellow progressive Michael Puller received only 13% of the vote.

Progressive and moderate voters were torn between the two progressive candidates and  split their political power because of petty political prejudice  and downright fear of voting for a strong charismatic female candidate.

The best progressive candidate all along was hiding in plain sight.

Allison Galbraith was the first to enter the race. She inspired  and delighted upper Bay Democrats with her feisty funny  angry protest of the incompetent and bumbling  incumbent Andy Harris.

. But her charisma  and chutzpa  and her intelligence and common sense not to mention her good looks  could not overcome that old tired attitude buried in our DNA that says leaders must be men with guns or knives or drones.

Remember every time you doubt that carpetbagger Jesse Colvin is a leader remember what he said  a million times in the campaign:  ” I did four tours of duty in Afghanistan”. Lincoln may have said “Four score…”. But  Colvin says “Four tours….”

It was an effective political slogan. It won the race.  It should be on  his bumper sticker! It will be the title of  his autobiography this Fall! It may  be a Netflicks   series a year from now!





Kibitzer Maryland Comptroller Franchot Endorses Congressional Carpetbagger Jesse Colvin

June 15, 2018



Md Comptroller Peter Franchot in a tweet endorsed Jesses Colvin for Congressman in Marylands First District .

Colvin who is  a long time resident of Baltimores Pikesvile/Pimlico  area moved to White Marsh last Fall to appear to qualify as a resident of the Upper Bay.

Outsider Colvin has raised lots of outsider money from New York, Washington D.C. and Baltimore special political and corporate interests to try  to buy an election in  Marylands  First District.

The normally watchdog Comptroller Franchot appears to have turned into a lapdog for special interest concerns.

Who would have thought that a Kibitzer would endorse a Carpetbagger?

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