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Jesse Colvin And The Forever Drone War In Afganistan. Colvin Wishes We Could End Afghan War But We Cant! He Says It Could Go on For Generations! And Anyone Who Tells You Different Is Either Lying, Pandering Or Naive! Trust Jesse Or Your A Liar?

June 5, 2018

Jesse Colvinm Neo-Conservative Democrat Running For Congress In Marylands First District Is Blocking Citizens Opinion From His Facebook That He Doesnt Agree With

June 5, 2018

Its Time For Jesse Colvin To Talk About What He Did In Afghanistan As A Drone Intel Officer! Did He Ever Question Himself Or Superiors About Why They We Assasinating And Snatching The Wrong Afghans!

June 5, 2018

Is Jesses Colvin Ready For His Close Up? He Says In His New 4-Page Glossy Mailer That He is Ready to Lead As The Congressman From The First District! But A Congressmans Job Is Not Really To Lead A Drone Strike Or Commando Raid On Washington! A Congressmans Job Is Mainly To Represent, Listen And Advovcate For Democratic Citizens! Its Obvious, Jesse, Has No Idea What A Congressman Really Does!

June 4, 2018




Analysis Of the U.S. Drone War In Afghanistan

May 23, 2018

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