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WashPost/SallyJenkins – The Final Score Doesnt Mean The Final Word/ Divisional Round Offers More Questions Than Answers

January 14, 2015

Sally Jenkins,WashPost Sports :  A technicality of one sort helped win the game for the Packers, and another sort helped the New England Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens. Belichick so exploited the rules on eligible recievers with rapid personnel shuffles that he created a shell game. The confused Ravens defense gave up three key receptions for double digit yards. Afterward, Ravens coach John Harbaugh complained it was “illegal”. He added, “Its not something that anybodys ever done before.”

But is that cheating —or innovation?



Bill Maher – New Rules – 04/25/14- How Do Republicans Keep Wining Elections When They Oppose What The Majority Support? They Employ A Complex Multi-Faceted Technique Political Scientists Call Cheating And They Exploit Culture Resentment.

April 27, 2014

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