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HoganWatch/WYPR/FrasierSmith – Hogan First Bi-Partisan Action Kills Chicken Shit Regs And Balto City Air Regs

January 29, 2015


HoganWatch/WYPR – New Maryland Governor Hogan Kills New Chicken Shit Regulations To Protect The Bay And Kills Regulations To Reduce Smog In Baltimore

January 28, 2015


HoganWatch/Political Bull Shit – WashingtonPost/Jenna Johnson – Hogan Offers Partisan Political Bull Shit On Chicken Shit Environmental Problem In Maryland

December 15, 2014


Newly elected Maryland Republican Governor Larry Hogan made a partisan attack on  new regulations of chicken manure fertilizer falsely calling it ” a last minute fullfillment of a political promise to a special interest group”. The regulations have been under consideration for three  years. And the special interest is cleaning up “dead zone”  pollution in the Chesapeak Bay caused by phosphorus and nitrogen in chicken manure.-+

SeventhState/CityPaper – Big Chicken Wants Taxpayers To Clean Up Chicken Shit In The Bay – Republicans And Gov. Martin O’Malley Agree

April 10, 2014


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