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SeventhState – Gov. Larry Hogan: Profile In Silence

March 3, 2016


Profile in Silence: Larry Hogan


MarylandReporter/Barry Rascovar – Is Gov Larry Hogan Another Spiro Agnew or Chris Christie? Is He Playing To His Partisan Political Base –Angry White Men And Women ,With Ignorant Tough Talk, Arrogant Insults And Easy Answers?

August 3, 2015


Real Time With Bill Maher 01-17-2014 Monologue – Chris Christy Was Always Good At Clogging Arteries,… Gov. Christy Doesnt Know What Happen But Just Like A Bucket of Chicken He’s Gonna Get To The Bottom Of It,… “12 Years A Slave” Nominated For Academy Award Is A Controversial Film…Because They Say Its Just One Long Ad For Wal-Mart

January 26, 2014

NYTimes – 1. Maureen Dowd – Thunder Road – 2. Charles Blow – As The Political World Turns

January 12, 2014



CPAC – Anne Coulter Says “Blacks And Republicans Go Together Like Chocolate And Peanut Butter…Mitt Romney Won 20% Of Black Males Under The Age Of 30… Because They Wanted Jobs” “Chris Christy Is Off My List But The Next President Ted Cruz Is Still On My List…”

March 18, 2013

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