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MSNBC/Chris O’Donnell – The Wheels Are Coming Off The Mitt Romney Campaign

September 18, 2012

Mediaite – Bill Maher Interviews Christine O’Donnell – The Deleware ‘Witch’

September 9, 2012

C-Span – Deleware Tea Party/Witch Republican Christine O’Donnell Before The Womens National Republican Club In New York

August 28, 2011


NewRepublic – Hobbits, Christians and Demagogues,Oh My, Christine O’Donnell’s Wacky Book Tour

August 28, 2011


Deleware Republican Tea Party ‘Witch’ Christine O’Donnell Walks Off CNN’s Piers Morgan Show

August 18, 2011

BostonPhoenix – Mapping Out The New Years Political Landscape

January 2, 2011


PoliticsDaily – Christine O’Donnell Under Federal Investigation For Campaign Financial Abuse

January 2, 2011


Christine O’Donnell Racks Up Rare Yale Award

December 12, 2010


Chris Coons Ad – The O’Donnell Zone

October 23, 2010

Christine O’Donnell Ignorant of Constitution ‘Where In the Constitution Is The Seperation of Church and State’?

October 19, 2010

HuffingtonPost – Christine O’Donnell Accuses ‘Liberal Media’ of Character Assasination

October 8, 2010


Which Is Scarier? A Delaware Witch-Politician or A Fortune-Telling Aegis Journalist?

October 7, 2010


                 Allan Vought, the Republican Aegis’s chief political anaylist states in the Aegis (nov6,2010, More Cold Times In Future for Harford Democrats):

       “One close contest did materalize for one of two House of Delegates seats in District 34 where incumbent Dan Riley eventually lost. That loss may PORTEND a general election loss of one of two  remaining legislative seats the Democrats still hold in Harford County”

Portend? One Democratic progressive losing to another Democratic progressive is an omen of political misfortune for Democrats?  I think Mr. Voughts political analysis is thin gruel. Perhaps it is even a bit racist. And  surely it  is a political curse. It is an expressed wish for misfortune to befall the Harford Democrats. Perhaps Mr.Vought is a  warlock?

NYTimes – O’Donnell Confronts Reports On Her Past

October 5, 2010


NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Myth And Madness ‘Christine O’Donnell Is In A Fantasy World. Literally.’

September 19, 2010


ThinkProgress – O’Donnell Cancels Sunday Talk Shows After “I Dabbled In Witchcraft” Video on ‘Real Time With Bill Maher’

September 19, 2010


ThinkProgress – Christine O’Donnell – Oct 1999 – “I Dabbled In Witchcraft”

September 19, 2010


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