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RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Swears In New City Manager – New CM Robertson Wants To Improve Public Relations With Citizens

July 12, 2016


The new Aberdeen City Manager got off on the wrong foot. Aberdeen doesn’t need better public relations (bullshit).  Aberdeen needs a fair trash tax. The new trash tax increase is only on those that use the least trash. Their trash tax doubles. The citizens who produce the most trash received no increase.  If  a tax increase is necessary, the burden of that  cost should be on everyone especially those that produce the most trash.  If the tax is necessary it would be fair only if Purple Stickers cost 75 cents and Yellow stickers cost $1.50 (50% raise across the board). The Council and the City Manager must keep the Mayors stupid ideas in check.  He is the Mayor not the King.  “Everything” is not important , Mr Robertson. Fairness and commonsense are important.




The Colonel Says Goodbye To Cordova – New Aberdeen City Mgr Randy Robertson Has A Problem With Open Government – Public Records Were Difficult To Get In Mt. Juilet, Kentucky, Even Had Online Videos Of Town Meeting Shut-Off “To Save Money”

May 30, 2016






New Aberdeen City Manager Recieved”Lukewarm” Performance Evaluation 2013, (Vestavia Hills,Alabama) Resigned With $150K Payout

May 26, 2016



Aberdeen Special Council Meeting Jan 19 -Tea Party Republican Mayor Fumbles Another Responsibilty, Wants To Delay Search For New City Manager

January 17, 2016



The Aberdeen City Council (  Sandra Landbeck, Melvin Taylor, and Tim Lindecamp)  requested funding for a consultant to help search for a new city manager. Mayor McGrady  opposed the matter suggesting it would be a financial burden on the city. The current city manger, Doug Miller, was hired (starts  new job Feb 8th)by the Ocean City Md town government.  The consultant fee matter was supposed to take place on Jan 25th. McGrady has stalled and frustrated the solution to the council vacancy problem ( Three months to make a simple  decision, that New Windsor,Md  did in two weeks))  ignoring the democratic process and the will of the voters. Now he wants to stall or frustrate the search for a city manager  under the guise of saving money.

Councilwoman Landbeck Request Consultant Fee For City Manager Search

January 15, 2016

OCToday – Aberdeen City Manager Douglas Miller Escapes Responsibilty For Aberdeen Political Circus— Heads For O.C.

January 8, 2016

Doug Miller moves on from Aberdeen ($125,960) to become OCs City Manager ($155,000). Why hang around the incompetence of Mayor Patrick McGrady for four years. He can’t even nominate Stephen Smith after his crony fell flat as a nominee. He can’t do the the democratic right thing. SMITH TIED WITH DEBONIS in the election.!!!!  He should be the rightful second nominee not the guy who came in eighth.

. McGrady is spitting on the voters of Aberdeen and the sacred democratic process. Good luck to Miller. Too bad he didn’t have the integrity to set McGrady on the proper way to proceed in the tie-vote crisis.



Carol Bruce Complains About How Ridiculous The Mayor Is Making The Town Look With His Incompetent Handling Of The Council Seat Vacancy

December 28, 2015

Aberdeen City Manager Suggests We Solve the Election Tie By Letting The Mayor Appoint A Councilman

December 10, 2015


Aberdeen’s City Manger Dougie Miller did not investigate the New Windsor, Maryland tie election in 1999. New Windsor had no charter solution for tie votes. They sought the advise of four lawyers. They all agreed that the solution was the City Council should select one of the two tie-candidates in a council vote.

Miller cheery picks his lawyers and his information to come to a suggested resolution that benefits only the new Mayor. The suggestion does not serve the democratic process, the City Council , both  candidates, or the Aberdeen voters.

Miller was asked point blank if he sought the Attorney Generals advise. He ignored the question. This serves the Mayor who also ignored the Aberdeen Board of Elections in its request to seek an independent legal opinion.




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