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Brother Theodore: Quadrupedism -Late Nite With Letterman – Metaphysician ,Philosopher And Pediatrician

December 6, 2016

SNL – Trump/Pence/KellyAnne Opening Sketch

November 21, 2016

Bill Maher/ RealTime – New Rules -Truce Or Consequences – We’re Still Here

November 12, 2016

Michael Moore – Trump Wont Finish His First Term, He Will Resign Or Be Impeached

November 12, 2016


Bill Maher /New Rules – Bible Trumpers – Donald Trump Exposed Evangelicals For The Shameless Hypocrites That They Are And Have Always Been – How Could The Religious Right Value Voters Line Up Behind Trump??? Lying Infantile Scumbag!

November 5, 2016

NYMag – Death Cab For Cutie – Anti-Trump Song – Million Dollar Loan

October 10, 2016

JimmyKimmelLive – Donald Trump Broke It, He Can Fix It?

October 4, 2016

NYMag – Marijuana Can Fix Hillarys Biggest Problem In Colorado

September 29, 2016


CNN/VirgoGirlMedia – Havre de Grace Native Son Brian Rogers Talks About Being A Rocky Mountain High Millionaire Mogul

August 12, 2015

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