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Village Voice – Michelle Wolf : The Voice Comedy Needs Right Now

December 2, 2017

The Ghost of John Wilkes Booth Religious Bigot Award: Barry Glassman*

October 29, 2017


“Public officials in Maryland are suing the builder of a retirement community where homes were sold only to Muslims,accusing him of defamation after he accused them of religious discrimination.” Washington Post , Justin Moyer,  Harford County Officials Sue Builder of Muslim Community For Defamation

After  Harford County delayed building permits for Gemcraft Homes in Joppatowne, Bill Luther of Gemcraft Homes filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against county officials. Mr. Luther claimed that county authority discriminates “against people of the Islamic faith”.

Harford Countys response was to file a defamation counter suit in U.S. District Court  . The county claims Mr. Luther “impugned” the county “to be prejudice and bigoted”. The  County also claimed , “Mr. Luther made these false statements with actual  malice…”

Luther replied that public officials cant sue their citizens “for defamation when citizens exercise their freedom of speech.”

Luther  also said “In this country every person has the right to express his or her opinions in response to government actions. I will not be intimidated by the defamation claim.  The county should abandon these kinds of tactics and allow innocent home buyers to move into their homes”.

County Executive Barry Glassman hereby is awarded the Ghost of John Wilkes Booth Award For Religious Discrimination  In Housing

John Wilkes Booth wanted to stop President Abe Lincoln from stopping slavery. He didn’t wait for it to happen. He went out and tried to make it happen with…  a gun (Second  Amendment Rights?)

Barry Glassman  appears to  not want Muslims to live in a retirement community in Joppatown and he didnt wait for it to happen. He listened to his inner light, the voices in side his head and his Republican  political base.  Then he  just went out to make it happen by filing a flimsy defamation law suit to stop those pesky Muslims. (Its the oldest legal intimidation trick in the book)

Congratulations Barry Glassman. You are now officially a political bigot.

*Political Humor


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