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Trump Secretary of Labor is Secretary of Corporate Interests

September 20, 2019

DNC Confederacy of Dunces Is Back Again In 2020

August 8, 2019




O-I-L : The Missing Three Letter Word For Iran Crisis

July 11, 2019

CommonDreams – Goal of Trump ICE Raids : Terrorize Immigrant Communities

July 11, 2019

Common Dreams – People of Palestine Are On The March – And Israel Is Bombing The Gaza Strip

March 26, 2019

Common Dreams – Sanders Says Trumps Budget Is Dead On Arrival

March 11, 2019

Common Dreams – Corporate Media Bias In The 2020 Democratic Race Is Already In High Gear

January 15, 2019


Common Dreams – Elizabeth Warren Documents Endless List Of Trumpian Corruption

August 21, 2018

Common Dreams/ Michelle Goldberg – Democrats Are Moving Left! The Center Is Not The Answer ! Don’t Panic!

July 24, 2018


Common Dreams – The Democrat Old Guard Has Got To Get Out Of The Way – The DCCC Will Have To Lose Its Wall Street Bribes!

July 21, 2018


Common Dreams – Trump Followimg Arizonas Playbook Racist Immigration Policy

July 3, 2018


Common Dreams – Seismic Political Upset Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Landslide Over Wall Street Favorite

June 27, 2018


Common Dreams = Cover Up : Govt Has Info On Haspel Torture Record—Senate Not Allowed To See It

May 15, 2018


Common Dreams – Ralph Nader: Democrats Should Stop Scapegoating And Embrace A Bold Agenda/ Intercept Podcast With Jeremy Scahill

May 11, 2018





Common Dreams – Israel Has Nukes, They Have No Inspections, No Restrictive Treaty’s And they Get To Call Out Iran Which Is Under Inspection/Treaty – BS Hypocrisy!

May 2, 2018

Common Dreams – Bombs Wont Save Children Lives In Middle East – Stop Trump And CIA/FDD Democrats

April 16, 2018







Common Dreams – Steve Mnuchin Tied To Suppress Video Of His Public Reaction To Q&A On The Tax Giveaway

March 15, 2018


Trunp Disgusting Tone Deaf Paper Towel Throwing Trip To Puerto Rica!

October 3, 2017


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