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Aberdeen. Md Wins The 2016 Boss Tweed Award For Being The Most Undemocratic City In Maryland?

July 24, 2016


Aberdeen,Maryland has claimed the “Most Undemocratic City In Maryland”Award  for 2016. Aberdeen earned this title after it corrupted the Council election tie-vote runoff vote. The newly elected Mayor Patrick McGrady (aka Shady McGrady) is a Tea Party Republican gun-nut who was unable to get any of his Tea Party political slate elected to the council. One Tea Party crony did tie for the fourth seat with Democratic incumbent Steve Smith. But when the Mayor held a council runoff he nominated his tea Party crony but refused to nominate the tie -vote Democrat. He said something to the effect that he didn’t like the cut of Mr. Smiths jib. ( i.e. Mayor does not like Democrats)  So, instead of a fair and democratic council runoff, Aberdeen had a crooked (. i.e. corrupt)  council runoff.  The autocratic Mayor decided to nominate another Tea Party crony. Two of the three standing council members got tired of the Mayors six month anti-democratic shenanigans and gave up fighting for the fair and democratic process. The council chose fast and easy over fair and square.  The Mayor got his crony approved by the council in a two to one vote.  The local Republican newspaper sealed and approved the choice and now Aberdeen has become the most undemocratic city in Maryland.  ….The Mayor with the council approval threw away the 655 votes for Stephen Smith  and appointed  a Republican crony who received no citizen votes.  Congratulation Aberdeen for the 2016 MUCIM  Award. …At least Aberdeen didnt get the Most Racist Town In Maryland award (MRTIM)…that went to Pocomoke!





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