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Propublica – Trump, Inc

April 22, 2019

Mike Hiob Is A Walking Conflict Of Interest -He Has Been Bought And Paid For By Aberdeen Land Developers In Two Elections – Now He Sits On The Aberdeen Land Planning Commission – Show Me The Developer Benjamins!

February 20, 2019

2009 Aberdeen City Election  $11, 000 Campaign Contributions


2007 Aberdeen City Election – $4,825 Campaign Contributions





Dagger /Worked There Says/Boardman – The Keene-Livingston Harford Board of Elections Corruption/Scandal/ Cover Up!

February 6, 2019

Vanity Fair U.S. Goes Up The Corruption Charts Under Trump p

January 29, 2019

NNYMag – Kavanaugh First Vote On Court May Be This Week On Corrupting the 2020 Census For Trump!

October 8, 2018



Republican Aegis – Republican Zoning Board Tries To Stop Solar Farm In Churchville Owned By Democrat!!!

October 3, 2018


Common Dreams – Daddy’s Boy: Trump Lifetime Of Lies And Corruption Revealed By NYTimes

October 3, 2018


Write In S.Benn For House of Delegate in District 34A

September 14, 2018


South Harford Democratic  self-appointed political boss Art ” Helton  persuaded Democratic candidates  Mary Lisant,i, Steve Johnson and Mary D. James to support a Team Harford  election day propaganda  handout. The handout  was funded by efforts by Art Helton,  Steney Hoyers DCCC and Mike Millers  Maryland Democrats Senate Caucus Committee. The handout was the dirty politics of Harford poltical boss Art Helton , Maryland  State political boss Mike “the Fixer” Miller and  DCCC politica; boss Steney Hoyer to interfere in Democratic primary election to try to rig the primary for their chosen candidates  Jesse Colvin , Mary.D. James and Steve  Johnson

. This was Democratic leaders telling Democrats how to vote in the primary. The Democratic leaders have no business using campaign funds against their own candidates. Its called “Rigging the primary”. This ballot was handed out in Harford pretending to be a “Sample Ballot” when in fact it was  a  propaganda ballot by and for  the political bosses. This is plain and simple corruption of the Democratic primary by elected and self-appointed Democratic leaders.

The write in campaign for Sarahia  Benn is an attempt to correct the misdeeds of Democratic bosses corrupt effort to tell Democrats how to vote in the Democratic primary. Democrats dont need to be tricked or fooled into voting for who they want in the Primary.  The Primary is a chance for Democrats to tell the Democratic bosses WHO THEY WANT!

Democratic voters dont want to be bossed around by corrupt Democratic leaders. Democratic voters dont want their vote to be bought by the Democratic bosses!

On election day: Write In S.Benn for House of Delegate District 34A! Tell the Political Bosses who you really want! Don’t Be A Chump, Vote for the Peoples Champ!

Common Dreams – Elizabeth Warren Documents Endless List Of Trumpian Corruption

August 21, 2018

Colbert: To Infinity And Beyond Stupid – S.Myers: Trumps Week Of Corruption Scandals

August 10, 2018

Did Democratic Political Boss Helton Stab Progressive Democrats In The Back On Election Day And Totally Corrupt His New Harford Democratatic Club?

June 28, 2018




NYMag – Corruption Is Trumps Greatest Liability – Trump And Company Are Stealing America Blind

April 2, 2018

Donald Trump

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump pauses to smile as he speaks during the final day of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Thursday, July 21, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Corrupt/Unethical Campaigning Tactics? : – Harford County Right-Wing Republican Sheriff Jeff Gahler Exploits His Police Department To Endorse Three Republican Candidates For Political Office! Bull Roast Fundraiser Flyer Suggests That The Only Way To Support The Police Is To Vote For His Three Candidates!

July 7, 2017

The Bull Roast fundraiser flyer clearly states that  its a “…fundraiser for  Harford County candidates who “Back The Blue”. But on the second page of the flyer it indicates all checks should be sent to Committee To Elect J.D. Russell.

So the fundraiser is to support all cops (Back the Blue)  by giving all the proceeds to a Republican Tea Party  candidate—J.D. Russell, a Havre De Grace real estate broker. I don’t get the connection!

Gahler is exploiting everyones well-wishing  support  for good policing  in order to raise money for one right-wing Republic candidate for the state legislature.

The fundraiser in fact is not “Backing the Blue”—its backing Gahlers political personal  choice   for State delegate. The fundraisers  purpose is to  to raise money for Gahlers political stooge.

Isn’t this a dishonest hoodwinking of the public ? Is this ethical and fair? Is this how “good cops” behave?






Corrupt/Unethical Campaign Fundraising Tactics? – Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler Exploits His Police Department To Endorse Three Republican Candidates For Political Office!!! Bull Roast Fundraiser Flyer Suggests That Only His Three Candidates Support The Police (or Back the Blue) !!!

July 4, 2017




What Did Jaws Teach US? Never Elect Real Estate Developers To Public Office!

June 20, 2017






RepublicanAegis – Is Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Above The Law??? Why Is He Asking For A Two Day “Extension” On Referendum Petition Signatures? Sounds Like He Is Trying To Corrupt The City Clerk Or City Attorney! (Only 24 Hours To Go!)

June 16, 2017

The Aegis/Record – Friday,June16, 2017

“Because the deadline is on a Saturday, the city clerk is working with the city attorney to DETERMINE IF THE DEADLINE WILL BE EXTENDED UNTIL MONDAY,or if McGrady will have to hand them in at midnight Saturday.”

IF THE LAW SAYS THE DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT SATURDAY THEN THE DEADLINE IS SATURDAY MIDNITE! The city clerk cannot “work  with” the city attorney to change the law!



Stop Patrick McGradys Tin-Horn Dictator Behavior! Stop McGrady Political Corruption Of Aberdeen Democracy!

May 27, 2017

Tea Party Republican Aberdeen Mayor Paddy McGrady opposes  democratic Charter reform. The Charter reform does not change the form of government, it democratizes the Council-Manager form of government.

McGrady does not tell you that he is the Council member who has  used autocratic procedures instead of democratic ones when he sees fit.

During the resolution of the tie-vote of the fourth council seat he autocraticly threw out 655 votes for democraticly qualified  Stephen Smith because he didnt personally like Smith. Instead he nominated an unqualified political crony who received zero election votes.  He disregarded 655 citizen votes for a nominee with no votes. McGrady rigged the resolution of the tie-vote!

Also during the Charter reform of the tie-vote regulations Mayor McGrady at one point proposed that tie-votes be resolved in the future with a coin flip instead of a democratic citizen vote. McGrady opposed a citizen- vote for a cheap coin-flip!

The vote for Charter Reform was Melvin Taylor (who recieved 899 citizen votes), Tim Lindecamp (recieved 783 citizen votes) and Sandra Landbeck  (recieved  802 election votes).

The vote against Charter Reform was Patrick McGrady (recieved 602 citizen votes) and Steve Goodin (recieved zero election votes).

McGrady doesnt believe in democratic government ,he believes in autocratic abuse of  power.His corruption should be curtailed democraticly. The Charter reform curtails his abuse of power.


TheHill/Politico – Wash Post Pours Some Sugar on Gary Cohn – Corrupt Journalism Uses “Beat Sweetners”Bias On Insiders To Ply News Leaks!

April 18, 2017

RepublicanAegis -Mayor Pat McGrady Appoints Two Cronies To Aberdeen Planning Commission : Mike Hiob & Jason Kolligs

March 3, 2017


Mayor McGrady has appointed two cronies to the Aberdeen Planning Commission.  Crony number one is Mike Hiob, a former councilman and a failed candidate for mayor. Mr. Hiob was thrown off the Council by voters for his efforts in support of the Wetlands Annexation political shenanigans.

The second McGrady crony appointted to the Planning Commission is Jason Kolligs. He was defeated in the  last election for city council. The Mayor tried to appoint  crony Kolligs to  the city council to fill the  tied-vote empty seat but failed. The seat was later filled by another McGrady crony.



Intercept – Trumps Treasurer Nominee Steve Mnuchins Bank Accused of “Widespread Misconduct” In Leaked Memo!

January 4, 2017


Republican Aegis – Aberdeen Finally Approves Plan To Address Tied Vote Election – Mayor McGrady Officially The Laziest Mayor In Maryland

December 24, 2016

Intercept – Trump Complains That Media Are Making a “Big Deal” About Conflicts-Of-Interest! Yeah! Conflicts of Interest Lead Directly To Plolitical Corruption!

November 28, 2016


Breaking News: Aberdeen’s (Md) Alt-Right/Tea Party Republican Mayor Endorses Racist Bigot Donald Trump For President!

September 16, 2016



On September  15. 2016  Aberdeen’s Far Right Republican Mayor Patrick McGrady used his  renovated church on W. Bel Air Ave. to   endorse his  political preference  for President. A  yard sign was placed in front of the church sidewalk indicating that  the Tea Party/Alt-Right Mayor has chosen to support the Republican racist and bigot, Donald Trump.

McGrady who only won 34% of the vote in his race for Mayor  has now totally secured himself  a one-term legacy as Mayor. As Mayor ,his first decision in office was to corrupt the Aberdeen democratic process by rigging a tie-election  council seat  runoff-vote. McGrady nominated a Republican crony who was not even  involved in the tie-vote.   The Mayor  refused to consider nominating  a qualified  Democratic candidate who tied in the election.  Mr.McGrady said he  didn’t like the Democrat. After 5 months of political stalemate in a matter that should have properly and fairly  taken only ten days to work out, the city council compromised by  caving in and voting  2 to 1 to support  an illegal candidate.


Happy 4th Of July!

July 2, 2016


“Every government degenerates when trusted to the rulers of the people alone. The people themselves are its only safe depositories. – Thomas Jefferson

“Eternal Vigilance Is The Price of Liberty!” Thomas Jefferson

July 2, 2016


Democracy belongs to the people…to all of the people. By definition democracy means equality and fairness. Democracy  doesn’t mean just being fair and equal to the Mayor’s Tea Party crony’s. Liberal democracy entails free and fair elections. It doesn’t mean you can dismiss the vote of half the voters because you  feel like it and then appoint another crony who received no citizen votes.

The resolution of the Aberdeen council tie-vote was neither a  free nor fair democratic process. It corrupted the democratic process by discarding the vote of half the Aberdeen voters. This political corruption impairs the integrity of the Mayor and the council members who supported it.

Can Aberdeen citizens trust and respect the judgement of a Mayor who does not trust or respect the will of the voters????

TYT/CenkUygur – Nevada Democrats Screw Over Bernie Supporters – What The Networks And CableNews Forgot To Show You!

May 20, 2016

BetaInteconomics – Global Tax Dodging Just One Part Of Pfizers Corrupt Business MOdel

April 6, 2016


Republican Aegis – Aberdeen City Council Refuses Common Sense Democratic Solution To Vacant Counsil Seat Dilema–Mayor Still Playing Corrupt “Nominee” Bullshit Game

March 15, 2016

C-SPAN – In Depth: Jane Mayer On Koch Brothers And Buying Elections

March 12, 2016

TheIntercept – Chris Matthews Hardball Guests Have Given $79K To His Wife Kathleens Congressional Campaign

March 12, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Special Meeting In Aberdeen Wednesday (Feb24) Fails To Resolve Election Tie Issue

March 1, 2016

RepublicanAegis – Stalemate Over Aberdeen Vacant Council Seat Continues As Public Gets Into The Act

February 24, 2016




RepublicanAegis – Aberdeen Council Rejects Mayors Second Choice, Mayor Says 655 Voters Who Voted For Stephen Smith Dont Count, Mayor Corrupts Democratic Process With Partisan Political Power Grab

February 9, 2016



Aberdeen Mayor McGrady Wants To Steal Your Vote! Tell Him To Nominate Stephen Smith! Tell Him To Act Fairly And Democraticly! McGrady Is the Mayor Not The King!

February 7, 2016

E-Mail the Mayor/Council –

Pentagon Suspends APG Blimp Program , JLENS Advocate JCS Retired General Has Recieved $828,000 In Cash And Stock From Raytheon As Board Member

November 4, 2015


DodgyDagger/ Democrat Gina Kazimir Criticizes Mt. Soma All-Republican Harford County Public Land Deal Giveaway, Republican Captain Jim Asleep At The Wheel Again With Public Interest

May 7, 2015






HoganWatch/Abuse of Power – WashPost/Hernandaz – Aty Gen-Elect Brian Frosh And Gov-Elect Larry Hogan To Work Together Accept On More Gun Access – Hogan Will Try To Select A State Police Superintendent Who Will ‘WinkNudge” A Looser Definition On Concealed Weapon Permits

December 29, 2014


Is The Harford County Library Promoting Harford Republican Politics? Library Director Mary Hastler Promotes Library Fundraiser While Promoting Three Prominent Harford Republican Elected Officials ,,,Is This Political Corruption Or Just Typical Harford Republican Unethical Behavior–???

October 31, 2013


These are the promotional pictures that have been posted throughout Harford libraries this fall and summer. The obscure website  eveninginthestacks,org has added a little seen photo with  Democratic elected  Sheriff Jesse Bane  as part of the online promotion. There is also a little seen youtube video on the web site showing Sheriff Bane investigating all the   Republicans in the original promo photos—David Craig, Mary Chance, Billy Boniface, Nicole Funk, Barry  Glassman, and Mary Hastler. But the overwhelming promo for the fund raiser is the library posters with the Republicans. There was no free promos for the Dem, Jesse Bane in my library. It was all Republican promo in the libraries.  Only if you stumble over the website do you find the afterthought of fair play… Jesse Bane.

This is how Harford Repubs think. We run most of the County . So we get to use Library budget money to promote Repubs  especially when Boss Craig is running for Governor. Besides, Hastler owes Boss Craig a favor when he supported her last year when she censored “Fifty Shades of Grey” and made a fool out her self and Harford County (i.e. Banned In Bel Air editorial in The Sun) .

An unintended consequence of the unfair library poster-promo is that all the suspects of wrong doing are Republicans. The Republican brain.

BillMoyers/PBS – Elections For Sale -Trevor Potter Fighting How Big Money Corrupts Democracy

September 22, 2012

Bill Maher/Real Time – 06/15/12 – Justice Anthony Kennedy On Corruption And “Citizens United” Decision

June 17, 2012

NYMag/ThinkProgress – How GOP Could Guarentee Barack Obamas Defeat Just By Fiddling With The Electoral College

September 22, 2011

ThinkProgress   NYMag

PoliticsDaily – Christine O’Donnell Under Federal Investigation For Campaign Financial Abuse

January 2, 2011


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