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Field Negro – Fox News Sees Trump-Gate As A Coup Detat ?

December 22, 2017


BillMaher/RealTime – 11/5/16 – Monologue – I’m So Anxious,That For the First Time In My Life I Smoked My Med-Marijuana For Legitimate Medical Reasons! – Will “Undecided Voters” Figure Out What Shoe Goes On What Foot??? – The FBI Warns Us To Look Out For Terror Attacks On Monday. They Said They Would Do It Themselves, But They Are Too Busy Checking Hillary’s E-Mails From 2009!

November 5, 2016

There is a slow-moving right wing coup d’etat going on. Media do your f-cking job – The FBI has become politicized–they’re calling it TrumpLandia! There’s a faction of the FBI that’s trying to sabotage Hills campaign because they’re convinced shes the devil!- Repiblican’s are trying  to elect a sexually assaulting psychopath who is wittingly or not working as a Russian agent. – The pundits say Trump is on message–yeah if the message is insanity!

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