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NYMag -” Corrupt” Trump White House Invokes Executive Privilege on Vast Cache of Kavanaugh Documents

September 3, 2018

Common Dreams = Cover Up : Govt Has Info On Haspel Torture Record—Senate Not Allowed To See It

May 15, 2018


CraigCrawford – Trump Presidency Faces Crib-Death: Its the Cover-Up, Stupid!

March 6, 2017

DodgyJournalism -RepublicanAegis Out-Foxes The Public Interest By Refusing To Report On Aberdeen Residents Report of Wild Foxes On Carroll Ave

June 28, 2016


At the end of the June 20 (2016)  Aberdeen City Council meeting an Aberdeen resident complained about four foxes living on the weed over-grown property adjacent to her property. The Republican-Aegis reporter Dave Anderson was present with his laptop when the complaint was made and verified by the Mayor. The public complaint never made the online   or print editions of the Republican-Aegis newspapers. The full testimony is secretly available on the city blog at: city council

This is maybe a perfect story for Baltimore Fox News

(Why is the reporter sitting in the line of the podium camera? Is he a “hot dog”? Can the editor please edit him out of that angle in the future?)


Real News – Passions Erupt As Pocomoke Officials Stonewall On Black Police Chief Firing , Mayor Bruce Morrison Says “I Am Not A Racist!” But “Hiring Chief Sewell Back. I Dont See That Happening.”

August 8, 2015

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