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Repub/Aegis – Mayor of Aberdeen Says Aberdeen Has A Bad “Reputation” – The Simple Solution Is To “Fix the Process”! –

March 16, 2017


Maybe Mayor “Shady” McGrady has a bad “reputation”. He “fixed” the runoff election. He “fixed” the homeless p.r. problem in Tent City. He “fixes” all the Town committees/commissions with “crony” appointments. He even fixed the city insurance with a “crony” kickback.

NYMag – Paul Ryan Says Trump Can Loot All He Wants As Long As He Gets His Tax Cuts

December 8, 2016

Aberdeen Mayor’s “Handpicked ” City Employee Insurance Company, Evergreen’,Owes Medicare Adjustment Fund $25 Million

June 14, 2016

The Aberdeen Mayor that doesn’t like the democratic process  in elections and in city council matters recently selected without Council discussion or vote a new insurance company for city employees. Mayor McGrady  with advise from a non-elected crony ( the mysterious Mr. Gary Wilson) decided to change City employee insurance from Cigna   to Evergreen. A representative of the city police union,Jason Neidig,  testified against the arrogant autocratic decision pointing  out that the city Finance Director opposed the change also. There also was no input on the matter sought from employees or the general public. The Mayor just buried the unilateral decision  in the  annual budget. The City Council was asleep at the wheel over the decision and did not  raise any questions or interest  in the matter . The Council surrendered their responsibilty to be a checks and balance  to the mayors corrupt decision making process again.

Evergreen Insurance has now stumbled into a possible $25 million loss of profits  and   the politically corrupt Mayor and his secret financial advisor don’t seem to know or care what pig in a poke they have bought.  Why worry about poor undemocratic decision making  when the Council is just  a quiet rubber stamp.

THeNation – Tagg Team – Romney Family Recipe For Crony Capitalism

October 16, 2012

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