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Dan Rodricks/Roughly Speaking -” The Blue Wave Does Not Appear To Be Rolling Toward The Eastern Shore!” (Andy Harris 48,000 Republican Votes – Jesse Colivin 14,000 Votes Out Of 36,697 Democratic Votes) Has the DCCC Lost the First District Because They Interfered In The Primary And Banked Their Money/Resources On An Inorganic Outsider?

July 9, 2018




Dan Rodricks/ Roughly Speaking : Ten Ways To Be A Better Citizen In A Demoracy!!!

July 4, 2018


TheSun – In Interview With Dan Rodrick MD1 Congressional Candidate Jesse Colvin Says There Is No Way Out Of Our Mistake In Afghansitan! If You Dont Agree With Him You Are Just Pandering, Lying Or Naive!

April 28, 2018

Dan Rodricks/ RoughlySpeaking – 2018/04/18- Jesse Colvin Stumbles On Gun Control !

April 18, 2018

(The whole podcast is interesting but listen to the Jesse Colvin  Two Step Shuffle at 28 minutes on the podcast.)

Jesse Colvin has stumbled on the Gun Control issue. He is talking like the New NRA. On the podcast at about 28 minutes   he claims he is for any bill that will make our “kids”

safer….But then he shuffles and jive talks about it being the wrong time to talk about a Federal ban on the AR-15 semi-automatic  assault rifles.

How many more must die or be maimed before we can ban civilians from buying military assault rifles? Most military and ex-military recognize the AR-15 as  a dangerous military weapon in the hands of civilians.

. Not Jesse! Three  tours of duty as a Afghan Drone Intel Officer  and he knows what a “Good Kill” is but he doesnt know that an AR-15 is a “Bad Gun” in a civilized society.

Jesse Colvin is neither a moderate or a progressive on gun safety  Colvin is unfortunately a CIA/FDD Neo-Conservative political joke!





Roughly Speaking – Dan Rodricks – Interview With Allison Galbraith – Candidate For Congress In Maryland First District

November 19, 2017


Dan Rodricks/BaltoSun – Bigots Delight: Harford County Exec Barry Glassman Panders To District 7 Republican Racist Demagogues Kathy Szelega, Rick Impallaria and Pat McDonough

November 1, 2017





DanRodricks/WYPR – Residency Requirements For Police, Most Baltimore Police Live Outside City

July 24, 2015


DanRoderick/WYPR/ Midday – Rona Kobell, Bay Journal

March 24, 2015 Eastern-Shore-Legislative-Districts-787x1024kobell

WYPR/MiddayPolitics/DanRodericks – 2015 State Government Analysis – C.Fraser Smith/ Richard Cross/Hows Hogan Doing? Farm Runoff Rules?

February 27, 2015 54636-01065856WYPR%202011%20logo

WYPR/ Midday With Dan Rodricks – Dwight Pettit – The Struggle To Intergrate Aberdeen High School

March 18, 2014

A. Dwight Pettit speaks at Aberdeen High School.

The Ironic Big Brother – TheSun – Dan Rodricks – Save the Hatem Bridge Decal –Its A Cool Local Symbol of the Savy Commuter, The Proud Suskie Runner, And Resiatance To Big Brother EZ-Pass

July 8, 2011


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