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Amateur Politician Daniel Forte Calls Current Aberdeen City Council A Bunch of Ametur Politicians – If Elected Forte Promises To Stop That Stupid Earth Day Crap , Deal Away With That Dumb Ripken Stadium And Stop That Ridulous City Counsel Fair-Pay Raise

November 2, 2015


Political amateur Daniel Forte , Republican Tea Party  candidate for Aberdeen City Council told The Aegis that he believed  that the  current city council  are  a bunch of amateur politicians. To prove that he could be a better amateur politician Mr. Forte  said his experience with complex international negotiations would make him a better negotiator  concerning  Ripken Stadium future agreements. If all else fails we can always sell the stadium to well-connected developers. Forte wants to also get rid of that stupid Earth Day crap  since global warming is a hoax.. And Forte  who owns homes in Aberdeen., Ocean City and Mexico said we can save a bundle of money if we repeal that fair-pay raise for the City  Counsel..


DodgyDagger – Bennett Faces Three Challengers In Aberdeen Mayoral Race, Three Tea Party Republican Stooges Try To Take Over City Council In Nine Candidate Race

October 6, 2015





TeaPartyWingNut Watch – Daniel Forte , Aberdeen Tea Party Candidate For Aberdeen City Council Deleted This Information From His Facebook Site : He Owns Homes In Aberdeen And Beach Front Homes In Ocean City And Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

October 1, 2015



Tea Party Republican Candidate for Mayor of Aberdeen , Patrick McGrady, Is Violating Campaign Laws Concerning His Treasurers Authority Line On All Campaign Material Including Electronic Material On His Computer Website. Follow The Rules .

September 25, 2015


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Libertarian Republican Patrick McGrady Attempts To Take Over Aberdeen City Government With A Four-Man Slate of Tea Party Candidates He Calls the “Fix Aberdeen Team”

September 25, 2015



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