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Aberdeen City Manager Search Commission Has One Member Who Is Not A Resident Of Aberdeen: Daniel Lambros – Mr. Lambros Lives In ChurchvilleBut Has Economic Business In Aberdeen

February 26, 2016

The Mayor of Aberdeen appointed two members* to the City Manager Search Commission (CMSC). He appointed Jason Kolligs  (TeaParty Republican), an unsuccessful candidate for the City Counsel, and Daniel Lambros  (TeaParty, Republican) , an Aberdeen residential housing landlord. Mr. Kolligs is an Aberdeen resident but Mr. Lambros resides in Churchville.

Mr.  Lambros can’t vote in Aberdeen but he is going to help choose the most important  person who manages  the Aberdeen government. Seems odd? Evey registered voter is more qualified but we can’t find one more for the commission. Isn’t  there some kind of vetting process for city commission members . The Mayor seems to bend and change the rules to meet his needs rather the needs of the community. Cronyism is no way to run a city government.

The other two announced members of the commission Peter Dacey and Steve Johnson are also residents of Aberdeen.


DodgyDagger/Harford Tea Party (C4L) – Tea Party Libertarian Republican Dan Lambros Is Only Republican Candidate In County Council Dist E Primary Race To Take The Tea Party Litmus Test – Surprise! Surprise! He Is A Reactionaty Conservative Anti-Government Tea Party Libertarian- DL Is Even Against the “Hotel Tax”-Thats Anti-Aberdeen!

June 13, 2014


DodgyDagger – County Council District E Repub Primary – Tea Party Libertarian Dan Lambros Running For Office To ” Take Our Freedoms Back …” “Limited Government” , “Protect Private Property Rights”, “Respect For The Second Amenment” and “Local Control of Our Schools

June 11, 2014



RepubPrimary CountyCouncil Dist E – Three Way Race Emerges In Dist E, Tea Party/Libertarian Favorite Dan Lambros Opposes Govt “Dictating” Property Use, Moderate-Conservative Blane Miller Says He’s “Against Over Developement” And Independent-Conservative Melvin Wehrman Is Against Current Eva Mar Development

April 8, 2014

0211085207_10200298024388932_360700486_o10171905_647707045277323_1112913904_n022018017016Melvin Wehrman, a Bel Air resident and  Lieutenant in the Baltimore City Fire Dept,  stated 8 years ago in his political campaign against Dist-E Councilman Dick Slutzky , “I dont like whats going on in Harford County and I can make a differance…Development is out of control. There is no suitable infrastucture and we are short handed on service.” Wehrman is back again fighting over development, running against the Eva Mar Development plans. He is up against the Harford Tea Party favorite , Daniel Lambros,  who preaches “libertarian” views that oppose government “dictating” property use .And  Wehrman is up against self-proclaimed “moderate-conservative” Blane Miller who declares he is “against over development”. The other two candidates, Diane Sengstacke and Patrick Vincenti, have not been heard from.

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