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Mother Jones/ David Corn – Mueller Report: A Detailed Account of Trump Lies And Misconduct

April 19, 2019

The Mueller Report: A Detailed Account of Trump’s Lies and Misconduct

Bill Maher Real Time – 08/24/18 – Orange Tuesday – Wok the Vote – Kara Swisher

August 25, 2018


C-Span – Russian Roulette – Michael Ishikoff & David Corn

July 23, 2018


Mother Jones/David Corn – How The Muller News Is an Indictment of Donald Trump And His Enablers!

July 14, 2018


Mother Jones – Russian Connection To What Happen In Moscow /Inside Story To Trump Obsession With Putin – D.Corm /M. Isikoff (Excerpt From “Russian Roulette”)

March 8, 2018


YahooNews – Russian Roulette : Inside Story Of Putins War On America And The Election Of Donald Trump – Michael Isikoff & David Corn

March 8, 2018


MSNBC/Chris O’Donnell – The Wheels Are Coming Off The Mitt Romney Campaign

September 18, 2012

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