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Repubican Aegis: Republican Race For Harford States Attorney Heats Up In Final Days!! – Aegis Coverage Of Campaign 2018 Wakes Up In Final Days!

June 22, 2018


David Ryden – Wrong For Harford County, Wrong For Fair Justice

June 21, 2018


Dodgy Dagger – Peisinger: ” David Ryden Is Lying To The Citizens of Harford County/ Baltimore Police Officer Nero Testimony

June 21, 2018


The Republican Aegis Endorses The “Outsiders” Lisa Marts Or Albert Peisinger For Republican Primary For Harford States Attorney!!!

June 18, 2018

The Aegis opposes the Joe Cassilly old guard hand picked successor – David Ryden.

Behind in the polls and now embroiled in political smear tactics against his most  formidable opponent—Albert  Peisinger, is Rydens future doomed?

How does Ryden expect to win voter respect with political lies and racial innuendo?

Is the Aegis’s nod of the head the nail in Rydens political coffin?



The Sun – Ryden Behind In Polls Smears Peisinger With Campaign Mailer Lies About Freddy Gray Case! Ryden Appeals To The Racially Challenged Republican Voter With Guilt By Association Gambit!

June 17, 2018



Q: What do Mosby and Peisinger have in common?

  A: They are human beings fighting crime in Baltimore , that sometimes differ on who should or shouldn’t be prosecuted !

DodgyDagger – Ryden Stirs up Political Storm With Political Smear Video! Peisinger Demands Apology And Rydens Withdrawl From Race For States Atty!

June 16, 2018


David W. Ryden Is A Bad Lawyer! He Should Never Be Elected Harford States Attorney! He Sounded Like A Moron In The MD vs Graber Case!

June 9, 2018












David Ryden was the lead prosecutor in 2010 in the famous State of Maryland vs Anthony Graber case. During the trial Ryden made judicial history with his famous observation:

“Just because you are in  a public place doesn’t mean your speech is public. “

David Ryden Is A Bad Lawyer! He Should Never Be Elected Harford States Attorney! He Sounded Like A Moron In The Anthony Graber Case! (2010)

June 3, 2018

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