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Is David Zurawik, Sun TV Reporter, The Most Untrusted Man In Baltimore Journalism And A Political Hack For Fox News?

August 6, 2015

XPISXpzi_400x400083013-john-stewart-cover-thunb-624-1377794766David Zurawik, TV critic for the Baltimore Sun and Fox News TV critic on Media Buzz, recently wrote a critical column  on Jon Stewart ,”Entertaining, Yes; Cronkite, Definitely No”.  Mr. Zurawik  like Fox News has trouble with the facts. He sorta makes them up to match  his reactionary point of view.  Jon Stewart is the Cronkite of our time. Stewart was selected in a Times online poll as Americas most trusted newsmaker. Cronkite was the most trusted journalist of his time. Thats what the Cronkite comparison refers to. Stewart garnered 49% of the vote with Brian Williams coming in second with 29%.(K.Couric 19%,C.Gibson 7%)

Mr. Zurawik unfairly labels Stewarts political skepticism and irony as “attitude and snark” And he  unfairly  calls Stewart  a dishonest “broker of humor and information” because he’s not evenhanded. Mr.Zurawik like many reactionary conservatives either doesnt understand political humor or has no sense of humor. Political humor is never evenhanded when most of the political lies and bullshit comes from the political right.


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