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Harford Top Cop Says Marijuana Decriminaliztion Is A Mistake…But He Never Said Racial Disparities In Marijuana Arrests *Was A Mistake! Whatsup With That? The Sheriffs Dept Said They Wanted To See ACLUs Data…But They Never Acknowleged Or Denied The FACTS!

May 6, 2014




Harford Top Cop Disagrees With Dem Candidate For States Attorney On Decrimaliztion Of Marijuana . Sheriff Bane Says Decrim Will Cause “Serious Safety Issues” And Increase Costs – Md. Ast. Prosecutor Steve Trostle Forsees No Problems And Says He Would Pursue “Fines Only” For Most MJ Cases

May 4, 2014


      Democratic candidate for Harford States Attorney Steve Trostle states on his website that as Top Prosecutor he would : “Therefore, except in limited circumstances, my staff will be instructed to seek FINES ONLY in marijuana cases”.  Ast. State ProsecutorTrostle states that “Prosecutors dont make laws – we enforce them.” Posession of marijuana  “for the time being is illegal” and his stafff will prosecute. But he emphasizes he would rather use jail time for “our more dangerous offenders”

On the other hand Harfords Top Cop, Sheriff Jesse Banes, states that he believes  marijuana decriminalization is a mistake and  predicts it  will lead to legalization  and create serious problems (?). Sheriff Banes  suggests that the”serious problems” (?) will lead to added budget expenses. How will  keeping marijuana users out of jail  increase public safety budget expenses?  Bane does not explain. The Republican Aegis says Bane believes decriminalization “is going to compound our problems” and  make the job of county police more difficult. How so? Stoping the senseless jailing of marijuana users would reduce the cost of running the  county detention center.And stopping the criminal arrest of most marijuana users would free police to pursue more important public safetey work..


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