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Intercept/Democracy Now – After New Green Deal Debate Biden Heads to Fundraiser Hosted By Fossil Fuel Execs

September 5, 2019



Democracy Now – Mueller Report – Glenn Greenwald vs David Kay Johnston

April 20, 2019

Kushner Inc

April 7, 2019

Stephen Colbert — Kavanaygh May Have Boofed The Truth -Jimmy Kimmel – Hope For Kavanaugh – Myers – Closer Look – Sam Bee Upset – Democracy Now

October 2, 2018








Democracy Now -Trump Meets Michael Moore

September 21, 2018

Intercept/Democracy Now – Report Reveals Senate Ignored Complaunts About Kavanaugh By Court Employees

September 18, 2018

Democracy Now – Glen Greenwald – Trump Politics And “Roseanne” Cancellation

May 30, 2018

Democracy Now- Jeremy Scahill Says Obama Paved Way For Haspel To Head CIA

May 22, 2018

Democracy Now – Jeremy Scahill (Intercept) Says Gina Haspel Should Be Answeing For Her Torture Crimes Not Heading to the CIA!

March 15, 2018


New Yorker/Jane Mayer /Democracy Now – Robert Mercer, The Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind Trump Presidency

December 28, 2017

Democracy Now – Steve Bannon – The Devils Bargain – Intervie With Joshua Green

August 1, 2017

Charles Blow/NYT – Democracy Is The Power Of Disruption —-Get Use To It!

February 13, 2017

Charles Blow : “Disruption is not a  dirty word; in this environment it is a badge of honor. Yes its important to show up on election day, but its also important to show up on the hundreds of days before and after…Buckle your seat belts because massive disruption is in the offiing.

Trump is not normal. He is not competent. And we will not simply sit back and suck it up.”

C-Span2/BookTV – Rolling Stone Political Reporter Matt Taibbi Talks About His Book “Insane Clown President”

February 11, 2017

Democracy Now – Trump Attacks Civil Rights Icon John Lewis on MLK Weekend

January 17, 2017

Democracy Now – Matt Taibbi on the Election of Billionaire Hedonsist Donald Trump

January 17, 2017

Democracy Now – Do Exxons Climate Denial And Trail Of Carnage On Human Rights Make Rex Tillerson Unfit for Sec of State?

January 13, 2017

Democracy Now/ Gordon Adams – Trump Militarizes American Civillian Government ,Picks 3 Generals For Cabinet

January 7, 2017

Democracy Now/Glenn Greenwald: Was Bernie Sanders Stronger Candidate?

November 13, 2016

Democracy Now – In Trump White House , Will Mike Pence Become The Most Powerful Vice President In History??

November 10, 2016

Democracy Now/Lee Fang: Trump Is Recruiting Corporate Lobbyists To Select His Cabinet – Trump Is Not Draining The Swamp, He’s Joining It!

November 10, 2016

Democracy Now – Democrats Sue Trump And GOP For Violating the 1871 KKK Act : Conspiracy To Threaten, Intimidate And Prevent Voters From Voting In Ohio, Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania

November 1, 2016

DemocrcyNow – Ralph Nader: Trump Is A Freeloading, Pontificated Empty Shirt Who On Everything

October 27, 2016

Intercept/Democracy Now – Police Viciously Attack Peaceful Protesters At Dakota Access Pipeline

October 26, 2016

Real News /Democracy Now- Powerful Interests Behind Dakota Access Pipeline

September 12, 2016

1.DodgyDagger – Harford County (Md) Sheriff Gahler Releases Videos To Educate Motorists On Cop Traffic Stops -2. DavidParkman – Police Shooting Black Males At Traffic Stops-3. DemocracyNow – DOJ Study Of Racist/Illegal Harrassment Of Black Baltimore Citizens At Traffic Stops

September 7, 2016

DemocracyNow/LeeFang – TV Pundits Praise Hillary Clinton But Fail To Disclose Financial Ties To Her

February 27, 2016


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