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DodgyDagger / WBAL-TV11- Harford School Super Barbara Canavan Condemns School Walkout Day Protests! Says Democratic Protest For 17 Minutes Is A “Threat To Safety”! Is Canavan Abusing Her Authority By Trying To Suppress Free Speech Protest She Believes To Be Controversial ? Suppressing Free Speech Is A Threat To the Safety of Democracy!

March 9, 2018


Is School Super Barbara Canavan  abusing her authority  when she condemns and threatens those who want to protest gun violence in schools?  Does freedom of speech end at the school house door? Don’t high school students have freedom of speech and the right to exercise that right with a respectful 17 minute moment of silence?

Superintendent Canavan obviously does not understand the position of the Supreme Court on the matter of  student speech rights. In Tinkers v. Desmoines (1969) the court in  a 7-2 decision  declared students do not “shed their constitutional rights of speech and expression at the school house gate.”

Authority cannot callously  and carelessly disrespect the rights of students to free speech and protest. Canavan should step back. She has abused her authority.

Political leaders have failed to deal with gun violence in our society. The young have once again stepped up to say “enough is enough”. Doing little or nothing will not solve  the problem of gun safety in the nation. Its time for a change. Its time to protest the incompetence of political leaders and change our way of dealing with gun violence.

A student protest is not a “threat to safety” but suppressing free speech is a threat to the safety of Democracy.




NYMag – Donald Trumps Presidency Is The Libertarian Moment – Unfortunately Republican Libertarians Don’t Believe In Democracy Or Social, Economic Or Racial Justice!

January 30, 2018



Voting Against the Public Interest – Maryland Businesses For Right-Wing Government – The 2017 Rollcall To Stop Consumer, Democratic ,Environmental, And Worker Protection –

January 17, 2018

Click to access MBRG_RollCall_2017.pdf



Salon – Yale Historian Predicts Trump Very Likely to Stage A Coup And Overturn Democracy

May 20, 2017


Bill Maher/RealTime – Rep Adam Schiff: Authoritarianism vs Democracy

May 13, 2017

William J. Astore (Ret-Lt.Gen) TomDispatch – All The Presidents Generals/ Too Many Generals Spoil The Democracy

December 24, 2016


Aberdeen Mayor Pat McGrady Rigged The City Council Run-Off Vote And Know He’d Like To Make It Easier Next Time With A Coin Flip

October 24, 2016



TheAtlantic – Trump Threatening To Put Hillary In Jail Violates The Basic Principles of Democracy!

October 11, 2016

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Trump listens as Democratic nominee Clinton answers a question from the audience during their presidential town hall debate in St. Louis

Republican U.S. presidential nominee Donald Trump listens as Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton answers a question from the audience during their presidential town hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., October 9, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTSRJDZ

Aberdeen Alt-Right/Republican Mayor McGrady Thinks We Should Resolve Election Ties With A Flip Of a Coin! City Council Public-Input Meeting Monday !

October 8, 2016


NewRepublic – Trump The Disrupter

March 31, 2016


The Mayor Of Aberdeen Should Nominate Stephen Smith For Council Seat Four. He Should StopThe Partisan Political Game He Is Playing With The Tie-Vote Resolution

January 25, 2016

    The Mayor of Aberdeen should stop his partisan political games and nominate Stephen Smith for the City Council seat four. The Council is suppose to be resolving the election tie-vote between Sean DeBonis and Stephen Smith. The voters chose these two candidates. Each received 655 votes.  The Mayor already nominated DeBonis and the Council rejected him.  The only other candidate the voters qualified for the tie-vote was Stephen Smith. He should thus be nominated by the Mayor and let the Council decide.. The resolution of the tie-vote is not suppose to be an opportunity for the Mayor to grab illegitimate power.

The resolution of the tie-vote is suppose to between DeBonis and Smith. They are the two  candidates that the voters qualified for the fourth seat. The Mayor’s second suggested nominee Jason Kolligs is not qualified for the fourth seat. He came in 8th place.. Not fourth. The Mayor should stop the political game playing with Aberdeen democracy. He should follow the law and the will of the voters.

Aberdeen voters count!




Break The Tie-Vote Democraticly—-Nominate Stephen Smith For Council Seat Four

January 21, 2016



The Aberdeen City government has been hacked by the new Mayor…Patrick McGrady…a card carrying Tea Party Republican.  The Voters voted. DeBonis And Smith tied with 655 votes each for council seat four.   The Council was suppose to break the tie-vote  between Democrat Smith and Tea Party Republican DeBonis. The Council was given a chance  to support DeBonis, a McGrady crony . The Council rejected him.  Now the Council  has  not been given a chance to vote on the other tie-vote candidate— Steve Smith …because the Mayor is a partisan political hack.  Instead, the Mayor says he will nominate another Tea Party Republican crony that lost by coming in eighth. The Mayor  doesn’t have the RIGHT to thwart the will of the voters. He has hacked the democratic process.

The Mayor should follow the law and the will of the voters. Break the tie-vote. Nominate Smith and stop frustrating the  democratic process!

[New Windsor, Md had a tie vote in 1999 (May 2nd) . Like Aberdeen they had no charter references to tie vote resolution. They quickly had legal advice from four lawyers that said the matter should be handled as a “vacancy”. The Council voted to resolve the matter eight days later (May 20). Three votes went to the incumbent Paul Garver, one vote went the challenger, Sam Pierce. Problem solved. They followed the law and respected the will of the voters.They chose between the two tied candidates)



Anonimity, Democracy And Cyberspace

July 18, 2011

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