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New Yorker – Polls Offer Good News To Democratic Frontrunners/ Jamie Kalven — Chicago Police Code of Silence

September 19, 2019





Onion – Democrats Launch New Listening Campaign For Rural Voters

September 2, 2019


Intercept – Latinx Voters (13.3%) Largest Minority Voter Block In 2020 / Are Democrats Responding

June 29, 2019

An early look at the 2020 electorate

Hispanic  13.3%

Black        12.5%

Asian         4.7%

Whute     66.7%

CSPAN/WashJournal – Democrats Only- Your Pick For 2020 President

February 24, 2019

NYMag – Trump Tells His ” Angry Mob” That Democrats Are An “Angry Mob”!

October 13, 2018

Cato Free Speech Study – 51% of Liberals Believe Its OK to Punch A Nazi

September 19, 2018

Is Jesse Colvin, A Four-Flusher Democratic Candidate 4 Congress In the First District?

February 13, 2018




Jesse Colvins is a Democratic candidate for Congress  who is also a National Security Fellow at the Far-Right Republican /Jewish Think Tank —the Foundation To Defend Democracies.

When asked about the matter on his website, his Facebook and on his You Tube there is no response. That is what Republicans usually do. They ignore questions about there  inconsistencies and embarrassing positions

. Mr. Colvin is an embarassing candidate for Congress with a whopper of a conflict of interest in his party affiliation

Mr. Colvin brags at every public meeting about being  a  4 generation  Marylander and about having  4 combat  tours of duty in Affaganistan. But when it comes to asking him if  he is a 4 flusher Democrat he remains   silent!

I attempted to ask him personally when he spoke in Bel Air last Saturday at the Ames Methodist Church, but the moderators of  the political forum would not allow any questions from the public   for Mr. Colvin. They declared time was up at 1PM and said they were  sorry . The time was eaten up by a late visit by Sen Ben Cardin who went on and on answering questions until time ran out.

So I ask one more time: Mr. Colvin, how do you reconcile being a registered Democrat  running for Congress and also being a National Security Fellow at the FDD —the Foundation to Defend Democracies which is a Far-Right Jewish Republican think tank? Are you a Democrat or a Republican?



SethMyers Closer Look : Trump And Dems Discuss DACA Deal

September 15, 2017

Jim Jeffries Show – Dems Have A Serious Branding Problem With “A Better Deal”

August 3, 2017

RolligStone/Matt Taibbi – Why Russia Is A Minefield For Democrats and The Media

March 9, 2017


C-Span -Role of Democrats As Opposition?Watch Dog? Lap Dog?

January 9, 2017


SamBee/Full Frontal – Democrats In the Wilderness

December 14, 2016

Atlantic – The Liberal Era of Obama Is Just Begining

December 24, 2015


RollingStone – Is Martin O’Malley The Future of The Democratic Party?

November 8, 2015

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720x405-Martin-O'Malley__-Photo--Jon-Hill Redux

Straight Outta Aberdeen – Election In Aberdeen Is Experencing A Big Turnout Early. This Turnout Should Be Bigger Than 2007 Election That Threw Fred “TaxTax Annex” Simmons Outta Office. That Was A 30% Turnout With 2412 Voters

November 3, 2015



The last election (2011) was a 18.6%  very low turnout with 1502 voters. That election was apparently boring because only one position on the ballot was competitive—the mayor. The four council seats  had no competition.

This year its a free-for-all  all over the place. Four candidates for Mayor. Nine for council.

The more the candidates ,the more the voter interest. And  voters for the very first time in Aberdeen history have three  significant  black candidates  they can vote for or not. That is spiking more interest than usual. And the weather is excellent. This a perfect political storm that will increase the Democratic and Independent voter turnout , which should be bad news for Republicans in general.  And the wing-nut Tea Party Republicans are probably in for a rude awakening. They’ll be lucky to get one spot on the council. Forget about mayor.

As Donald Trump might say…the voter turnout is H-U-G-H!!!

C-Span – Washington Journal – Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner Oct 2015

October 26, 2015


WashPo – Frederick County Council Votes To Repeal English Only Ordinance,One Republican ,Bud Otis, Breaks Ranks To Kill Racist Ordinance

August 19, 2015


Harford Democrat Pat Murray Named Maryland Democratic Party Director

July 18, 2015



     Pat Murray who ran  unsuccessfully for a seat in the Maryland House of Delegates in Harford County District 34A last year  has been named director of the Maryland Democratic Party. . Murray grew up in Harford County and was a former top aide to House Speaker Michael Busch and Senate President Mike Miller.. Murray was also a political strategist in Kansas, Virginia. New York, and Utah.

MarylandReporter – New Maryland Dem Party Director Pat Murray Says “Voters Chose Divided Government Not GOP Government”

July 17, 2015


Democratic Primary For House Of Delegates – D34A (SouthHarford) – Who Is The Fairest of Them All? Mary Lisanti, Maria Terry Or Marla Posey-Moss?

April 7, 2014


Four years ago the Democratic primary for House of Delegates D-34A was won by M-D James and  Marla Posey-Moss. Popular incumbent Democrat Dan Riley was surprisingly defeated. Riley’s political upset provoked him  in to making disparaging remarks  about Posey-Moss and not supporting her campaign.   South Harford ended up wih the disasterous incompetent Repupublican Glenn Glass. Glass’s lack of any kind of political or administrative experience  forced him to become a political puppet of  the Know Nothing  TeaParty Republicans Pat McDonough and Rick Impallaria (dist 7).  Everybody knows by now that the Glass is empty. Two seats are wide open. The conventional wisdom says that.Harford County Councilwoman Mary Lisanti and Aberdeen businessman Steve Johnson will be the nominees.  But newcomer Pat Murray declares that his political experience and contacts as a legislative  political operative make him the most qualified.   Aberdeen business woman Marla Posey-Moss says she has upset the conventional wisdom before. And Havre de Grace business woman Maria Terry has been on the Harford County Board of Elections the past four years talking with the upset Dan Riley and planning  her own political surprise. 013

Bill Maher/Real Time – New Rules – 03/28/14

March 30, 2014


RealTime With Bill Maher – 02/14/2014 – New Rules – politicians Are Like A Box Of Chocoaltes, We Bite Into Them To Find Out Whats On The Inside, Only To Find Out That Some Dems Are Often Soft And Gooey And That Repubs Are Mostly Nuts

February 16, 2014

MarylandJuice – Everthing You Wanted To Know About Party Animal Doug Gansler And The End of His Campaign For Governor

October 25, 2013


ITS OFFICIAL : Harford County Blue Dog Democrat Del. Mary Dulany James Is In The Race For Maryland State Senate District 34

October 16, 2013


This political flyer was distributed in the Aberdeen area on Tuesday evening , October 15.2013. And Mary-Dulany James for Senate website went up in late September.

Delegate James would not run for the Senate as long as Republican Nancy Jacobs was Senator.  In 2010 when the Dodgy Dagger circulated political rumors that Bob Ehrlich was considering putting Nancy Jacobs on he Gubanatorial ticket, Delegate James delayed until the last minute to file for re-election. The Dodgy Dagger suggested she was considering a run for the Senate if and only if Jacobs was out of the race. Jacobs earlier this year decided not to run for re-election in District 34 when redistricting removed Western Cecil County from her district. In the last election she lost Harford County to Athur Helton, but won reelection with the more Republican  West Cecil County. Jacobs was also politically stung in her race for Congress against the popular incumbent Democrat Dutch Ruppersberger.

With Nancy Jacobs out of the race, Delegate James is in.  Helton, redistricting and Ruppersberger pushed Jacobs out.  Democrats will have to decide  whether to reward James who watched and waited for her turn or reward Helton who fought the good fight that helped to finally push Jacobs out.

DodgyDagger/Retail Brain Politics – County Councilman Dion Guthrie Thinking About Running For County Executive… Dagger Makes Fun Of PR Spelling Errors…DaggerHeads* Turn Discussion Into “Bane Bashing”

July 1, 2013


*Daggerheads are disgruntled Deputy Dawgs who rant all the time about Sheriff Jesse Banes. They always claim the crime rate is up even though Harford has the second lowest crime rate in Maryland.They always claim that morale is down among deputies. Morale is down among a minority of disgruntled Republican deputies who want a Republican sheriff.

MarcSteinerShow/WEAA/ChestertownSpy/MarylandJuice – Democratic Candidate for Governor, Delegate Heather Mizeur Spars With The Suns Dan Rodericks Over “Big Daddy Chair” Comment, Scores Well In Western Maryland Straw Vote

June 2, 2013


HCN – Harford County Councilman Guthrie Goes “Tea Party” Against New Md Gun Laws

May 18, 2013

THinkProgress – Senate Race In Massachusettes- Democrat Ed Markey Takes On NRA, Republican Gomez Likes Assault Weapons And High Capacity Magzines

May 18, 2013

NYMag/NYTimes – Obama Thinks About Going “Bullworth”

May 16, 2013

NYTimes – Maureen Dowd – Democratic Party Has Messianic Urge To Finish What It Started In 2008…Bust Up The Worlds Most Exclusive White-Bread Old Boys Club

April 8, 2013

Mediaite – South Carolina Tea Party Convention Promotes Racist Obama T-Shirt

January 12, 2013


C-SpanVideo – A Conversation With David Axelrod About the 2012 Presidential Campaign

January 1, 2013

David Horsey/LATimes – Campaign 2012 Had A Wildly Preposterous Storyline

December 31, 2012


South Harford (Dist 34) Democratic Ticket For Maryland State Legislature In 2014 – Art Helton – Tammy Lowry – Steve Johnson

December 28, 2012


Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics In 2012 – # 3. Del. Mary-Dulany James ,Harford Bluedog-Democrat, Joins Fat Cat Reactionary Republicans To Oppose Maryland Marriage Equalty Act

December 26, 2012


Time 2012 Person of the Year: President Barack Obama

December 22, 2012 version.indd

NYMag – Obamas Future: The 2013 Campaign

November 12, 2012

Charles Blow/NYTimes – Election Data Dive

November 11, 2012

Bill Maher – The Monologue – 11/09/12

November 11, 2012

RealTime With Bill maher – 11/09/12

November 11, 2012

Bill Maher New Rules – Nov 9, 2012

November 11, 2012

Borowitz Report: Obamas Return To White House As Romneys Return To 1954

November 10, 2012

Conservative LarrySabatos Crystal Ball Projects Obama Within 9 Electoral Votes Of Victory, DEmocrats Retain Senate Control

November 4, 2012

NYMag – AP Poll Suggests That America Is A Little More Racist Than Four Years Ago

October 28, 2012

RollingStone – Obama And The Road Ahead

October 27, 2012

NateSilvers Five Thirty Eight – Romney Falls Further Behind In Electoral Vote, Remains Below 50% In Popular Vote

October 27, 2012

Mediaite – Wal-Mart Heir Gives Big-Time Donation To Obama, Wal-Mart Likes Affordable Health Care Act (AHCA)

October 24, 2012

Mediaite – Jon Stewart Mocks Romney Foreign Policy Shape-Shifting, Romney Changes His Mind Again Near End Of Election, Now Supports Obama Foreign Policy

October 24, 2012

NYTimes – Charles Blow – Blunders And Binders

October 19, 2012

ThinkProgress – During Second Debate Romney Tells 31 Myths In 41 Minutes

October 18, 2012

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