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NYPost – NFL Conspiracy Theory Freaking Out Patriot Fans

January 22, 2016

BaltimoreBeatdown – Match Up Mayhem Week One- Offense

September 9, 2015


Rackjite – Super Bowl Spin: Republicans Lose 43 To 8 – Elway Repub Because He Doesnt Believe In Saftey Nets But Likes NFL Tax Exemptions, ,Seahawks Owner Donates Political Contributions To Dems And Repubs

February 3, 2014


TouchDown Baltimore : Mike Preston Picks Seahawks/ Bruce Laird Picks Manning And The Broncos

February 2, 2014


BRUCE LAIRD : I’m going with offense. And I’m going with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. They relive last years nightmare but they only win by two or three points.

MIKE PRESTON:  Seattle wins. Good defense always beats good offense.Peyton Manning, God bless him…made a good run…aint gonna happen!

JimmyFallons Puppy Predictors Pick Denver Broncos in 2014 Super Bowl

February 1, 2014

Rackjite – Stephen Colbert – The Super Marijuana Bowl – The Two Most Kick-Ass NFL Teams Come From The Only Two States That Have Legalized Marijuana

January 23, 2014


DenverPost – Denvers Plan To Beat Ravens – Stop Rice, Stop Boldin, Stop Flacco. ..Stop Ravens Plane From Landing In Denver

January 12, 2013


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