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Citizens Against Eva Mar Plan – Harford County Council Pres Dick Slutzky Suggests That Voters Are Stupid If They Read Newspapers. He Doesnt Like Voters Knowing About Campaign Contributions He Recieves Or Knowing About Special Interst Zoning Code Changes He Supports Or Knowing About His Political Ineptitude

February 17, 2015

Thomas Jefferson:  Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.-+-+-



NYTimes/ Paul Krugman – Politics Determines Who Wins Power, Not Who Has The Truth

November 9, 2014


Jim Thornton For Harford County Council President

November 3, 2014

Harfords Dynamic Political Dodgy Duo – Dick” Slutzky Candidate For County Council President And Glenn Glass , Candidate For House Of Delegate Dist 34A Refuse To Answer Baltimore Sun Candidate Questionaire About The Issues

November 2, 2014





Dodgy Dagger – Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Analyze Dick Slutzky’s Last Hurrah of Fact vs Fiction

October 31, 2014


Twelve Years Ago “Dodgy Dick” * Slutzky Knew His First Election Wasn’t About Experience Or The Issues, It Was About Who Had The Developer Money

October 27, 2014


* (See Video) Slutzky was not a history teacher ,he was a wrestling coach. Slutzky forgot that Abe Lincoln was a Congressman  (1846) before he was President (1860) and he ran for the Senate (1858) where he  became famous during the Lincoln-Douglas debates  and the Copper Union Speech concerning the institutuion of slavery. Unfortunately Slutzky did not turn out to be another Lincoln. He was just another typical Republican who lacked both vision and political courage. And Slutzky was” bought and paid,” for from day one,  with campaign contributions from developers. ($27.100 since 2005 according to Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development ) CAP-EMD




Twelve Years Ago Barbara Kreamer Warned Voters And The Republican Aegis About Slutzkys Developer Ties, Now Shes Warning Voters About Vincenti’s Developer Ties

October 27, 2014








Citizens Against Eva Mar Plan – Republican Aegis Endorsed Robert Wagner (Republican) And Jim Thornton (Democrat) For Council Prez In Primary But Cant Get Courage Up To Endorse Anyone For Council President In General Election

October 25, 2014




Slutzky Opposes Reform of Citizen Input Meetings

October 18, 2014

Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development Endorses Democrat Jim Thornton For County Council President- Slutzky Does Not Deserve To Be In Public Office Or Any Other Position Of Public Trust Period!!!

October 4, 2014






Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Refuses To Report On League of Woman Voters/HCC Candidates Form , Ignores 12 Political Candidates Running For County Government, Democrats Thornton, Kreamer And Kazimir Run Circles Around Republican Candidates, Slutzky Looks Slick, Vincenti Looks Lost And McMahon Looks Like A Political Joke, Voters Can Go To HCN.Pegcentral.Com To Find Out What Aegis Is Trying To Hide

September 27, 2014


Letter to DodgyDagger – Jim Thornton : The Time Is Now To Work Together

June 29, 2014

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“Boris” Slutzky And “Natasha’-Dulany James Celebrate Winning Primary Election With There Fearless Leader Joe Snee

June 28, 2014


DodgyDagger Says The Race Is On : “ABC – Anybody But The Coach” – Citizens Against Eva Mar Plan Says – “All Is Not Lost…Slutzky Had More Votes Against Him Than For Him.” – And 7,749 Voted For Democrtat Jim Thornton and Defeated Democart Chris Boardman Endorsed Thornton With His 4,612 Votes -The “Coach” Loses Big Time In The Fall If Those Numbers Hold

June 27, 2014


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Duck Decoy Dynasty – Republican Aegis Endorses Patrick Vincenti And His Bumpersticker Platform For Republican Primary County Council Dist E???? Vincenti “Was Handpicked By Slutzky And Is Recieving Campaign Contributions From Developer Interests” According To Citizens Against Eva Mar

June 17, 2014


Republican Aegis Buried The Story On Page 4, And Then Censored (Edited-Out) the Most Dramatic Moment At The County Council Meeting : Boniface Threatened To Shut-Up One Citizen (OBrien) For Mentioning “Campaign Contributions”, Then Shuts-Up A Second (Onorato)

June 8, 2014







RepublicanAegis – Two Old Council Hands Vie For GOP Nod, Two Potential Newcomers Aspire To Dems Nomination

June 2, 2014

Citizens Against The Plan For Eva Mar Developement – “If Slutzky Wins The Primary, We Are Looking At Four More Years Of The Status Quo” Not Really! If Slutzky Wins The Primary Republicans And Independents Can Join Democrats And Support Jim Thornton For Council President…. Thornton : “This Is Not A Time To Stabalize the Council Or Maintain the Status Quo”!

June 2, 2014


“This is not a time to stabalize the council or maintain the status quo”.James Thornton

Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development – Slutzky Has Shown His True Colors – Wagner Has The Experience …To Do What Is Right

May 30, 2014


Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar – How Many Councilmen Does It Take To Screw In A Lightbub? County Council Tries To Pass The Buck Again Or In Other Words The Slutzky Solution!

May 12, 2014


CoalitionBuilding – Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development Suggests Joining Political Forces With The Stop-Plum-Tree-Walmart Effort To Put An End To Biased Zoning Procedures And Unresponsive Government

May 1, 2014




RepublicanAegis : Planning And Zoning Should Help Residents Not Just Developers – W.Onorato : We Need Elected Officials Who Are Ethical, Disciplined And Have The Courage To Do The Right Thing For The Community – Wileyb.1: The Government In Harford County Is In Bed With The Corrupt Developers And Their Slimy Lawyers

April 20, 2014


DodgyDagger – Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mae Development Think Councilman Richard Slutzky Is A “Conflict of Interest”

April 17, 2014


Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development Urges Political Opposition To Pro-Development Lackey Richard Slutzky

April 9, 2014



Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Development/ Campaign Finance Update – Richard Slutzky

April 1, 2014


Is This Dick Slutzky’s Last Hurrah? Will The Eva Mar Plans Be His Undoing? Citizens Against Plan For Eva Mar Say That Since 2005 He Has Recieved $27,100 In Campaign Funds From Developers , Construction Companies, Individuals, Entities Seeking Zoning Changes

March 26, 2014


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