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The Long Goodbye: Despite Massive Popular Public Opposition Billy Boniface And M-A Lisanti Rationalize the Political Bullshit And Get Council To Give Next County Executive A Pay Raise, Only Democrat-Populist Guthrie And Ethically-Challenged Republican Slutzky Refuse To Vote For (See Fridays Aegis, Page 4?, Not Page 1? WTF?)

September 7, 2014


Marla Posey-Moss , Candidate for House of Delegates Dist 34A, Supports Guthries Livability Code Reform – Where Are The Rest of the Candidates in 34A and Dist E? ???

May 9, 2014

Dan Lambros, Landlord And Libertarian Republican Candidate For County Council (DistE), Opposes Livabilty Code Reform

May 9, 2014

RepublicanAegis : Planning And Zoning Should Help Residents Not Just Developers – W.Onorato : We Need Elected Officials Who Are Ethical, Disciplined And Have The Courage To Do The Right Thing For The Community – Wileyb.1: The Government In Harford County Is In Bed With The Corrupt Developers And Their Slimy Lawyers

April 20, 2014


DodgyDagger – New Southern Harford Democartic Club Invites Democrats, Repubs, Greens, Libertarians(Tea Party), and Independents To Organzing Workshop….Are Guthrie, Boardman, Robinson Involved?

March 22, 2014


DodgyDagger/Retail Brain Politics – County Councilman Dion Guthrie Thinking About Running For County Executive… Dagger Makes Fun Of PR Spelling Errors…DaggerHeads* Turn Discussion Into “Bane Bashing”

July 1, 2013


*Daggerheads are disgruntled Deputy Dawgs who rant all the time about Sheriff Jesse Banes. They always claim the crime rate is up even though Harford has the second lowest crime rate in Maryland.They always claim that morale is down among deputies. Morale is down among a minority of disgruntled Republican deputies who want a Republican sheriff.

HCN – Harford County Councilman Guthrie Goes “Tea Party” Against New Md Gun Laws

May 18, 2013

Harford County Democracy In Action Photo Finish – Council President Boniface Asks For The Second Time: “Is There A Second?” Capt. Jim Looks At Woods For Support. Woods Stares Down Captain Jim. Lisanti And Boniface Wait With Anticipation. Shrodes,Slutzky And Guthrie Appear Disinterested As If They Know The Outcome…Slick

April 22, 2013



HCN – Harford County Council Kills Wal-Mart Bill With A No Vote, Woods Or Guthrie Refuse To Second The Bill

April 20, 2013

HCN – Lisanti-Slutzky Amendment To Weaken ( or Clarify) Wal-Mart Bill Wins With 5-2 Vote, Guthrie And Woods Join The Opposition To Bill

April 20, 2013

The Sun – Harford Democrats Reject Compromise, Democrats And GOP Both Threaten Law Suit Over Redistricting

February 17, 2011


CAPC/MdElectionsCenter -Harford County Council Dist. A – Dion Guthrie – $35,263 Current Campaign Contributions, John Henkel – $2,275

September 12, 2010


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