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LWV Candidate Forum – J.D. Russell, A Far Right Republican Candidate For State Delegate (34A) Told Some Whoppers At League of Women Voters Forum

October 16, 2018


Far Right Republican candidate for the  Harford House of Delegates   let it  all hang out at Harford Community College on Monday Night. Mr. Russell  at one point bragged that he was  a bipartisant moderate fellow and then turned around quickly and claimed he was” the only candidate on the stage endorsed by  Gov . Larry Hogan”  even though he was sitting next to Glen Glass who has also been endorsed by the  current Maryland Governor.

J.D. Russell  also  bragged  that his campaign  was proud to have been endorsed  by the Harford County Deputy’s Union and attacked all the other candidates on the stage for not attending the  Harford County Deputy’s Union Candidate Forum earlier in the year.. Democratic candidate for House of Delegates, Steve Johnson, pointed out that Democrats were not invited to the County Cops Union Forum. And Republican  Glenn Glass mumbled into the microphone ” I was not invited either”.

The Harford Deputies Union  leaders never invites Democrats or Republicans they don’t  like to their phony political forum and endorse automaticly any Republican candidate who is an ex-cop or current cop. That is why they endorsed J.D. Russell. Russell  was a police officer  for   a short time with the Harfrd County Police. The Harford Deputies  Union also this year endorsed   a former Maryland  State Police officer who was found guilty of killing two dogs {poisoned)  that defecated  on his lawn. The Harford  Police Union endorsement process is completely corrupt.


The Deputies  will endorse any ex-cop no matter who they are , no matter how unqualified. But  J.D. Russell bragged about  this undemocratic and highly  partisan joke of a  process.  It mean absolutely nothing.

J.D. Russell is also known for his political promise to work to establish  a  Voter ID program in Maryland if he gets  elected. Voter ID laws are notoriously known as a political attempt to discriminate against  black and Hispanic voters from qualifying for the right to vote. They were called  Jim Crow laws during American history’s racially segregated era . Racist Republicans have tried recently to bring back  ID Voting Laws to limit non-white voters. J.D. Russell is one of those racist Republicans.

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May 23, 2014


Pat Murray Goes Door-To-Door In Aberdeen

April 22, 2014


Democratic Primary For House Of Delegates – D34A (SouthHarford) – Who Is The Fairest of Them All? Mary Lisanti, Maria Terry Or Marla Posey-Moss?

April 7, 2014


Four years ago the Democratic primary for House of Delegates D-34A was won by M-D James and  Marla Posey-Moss. Popular incumbent Democrat Dan Riley was surprisingly defeated. Riley’s political upset provoked him  in to making disparaging remarks  about Posey-Moss and not supporting her campaign.   South Harford ended up wih the disasterous incompetent Repupublican Glenn Glass. Glass’s lack of any kind of political or administrative experience  forced him to become a political puppet of  the Know Nothing  TeaParty Republicans Pat McDonough and Rick Impallaria (dist 7).  Everybody knows by now that the Glass is empty. Two seats are wide open. The conventional wisdom says that.Harford County Councilwoman Mary Lisanti and Aberdeen businessman Steve Johnson will be the nominees.  But newcomer Pat Murray declares that his political experience and contacts as a legislative  political operative make him the most qualified.   Aberdeen business woman Marla Posey-Moss says she has upset the conventional wisdom before. And Havre de Grace business woman Maria Terry has been on the Harford County Board of Elections the past four years talking with the upset Dan Riley and planning  her own political surprise. 013

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