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Is The Dodgy Dagger Racist? Dodgy Dagger Refuses To Report On Harford Deputy Accused Of Racial Harrasssent Of Black Lawyer In Court Room

March 28, 2019




The story is printed everywhere. NY Post! Washington Post! WBAL:! WJZ! Balto Sun! The Republican Aegis!

Why doesnt the Dodgy Dagger report the news about  a black Lawyer being racially harrassed by a Harford County Deputy Sheriff in a Bel Air  Court?

Only one reason! ! It doesnt want a lot of comments made about the embarrassing story!  Cover it up! Bury the bad racial news about local police! Maybe it will go away! Daggers default position on police negativity is “Censor And Block”

The Dagger is racist in its coverage of news about Harford County police!

And Brian Goodman, the Dodgy Dagger owner,  is a racist journalist!

They should be  nominated  for the John Wilkes Booth Award for racist journalism.


Dagger – Del. Mary Ann Lisanti Apologizes For Her Racial Insult

February 27, 2019


Dodgy Dagger Censors: Ryan Burbey And HCEA Misevaluated Suzanne Oshinsky And Gordon Koerner! Burbey Must Apologize! r

October 12, 2018


Re: Ryan Burbey

Just say you are sorry!  You made a mistake  in not endorsing  Gordon Koerner  for State delegate in the7th Dist and Suzanne Oshinsky for County Council Dist B! The HCEA screwed up big time  endorsing Joe Woods!  You overlooked that Joe Woods is  a Far Right  Gun Nut Republican who voted for “nullification” of Maryland.s new common sense gun reform. Nullification is “white nationalist nonsense.

You and the HCEA also overlooked Woods’s attempt to push a “back door land deal” through the Council for a prominent land owner just to get a “quid pro quo” campaign contribution. That is just plain corruption. Honesty doesn’t count in your evaluation?

And to top’ it off you besmirched Gordon Koerner’s experience and common sense! You even trashed Gordon’s yeoman efforts to stop the pyrolysis plant in Joppa by ridiculing  environmental and public health concerns. What kind of educator are you? You surely are not an environmental progressive!


Your endorsements don’t take a look at the whole candidate. They only pretend to measure one aspect of a candidates character.

There for , I urge voters to ignore the shallow informed HCEA endorsements and instead vote for Suzanne Oshinsky  for County Council District B and for Gordon Koerner  for Maryland State delegate in the 7th  District!


Dodgy Dagger Censors Criticisim Of County Councilman Joe Woods And HCEA Endorsement of Joe Woods

October 10, 2018


The HCEA endorsed Joe Woods a month before the Maryland Primary! The General Election isn’t until November!

The teachers union does play political games with their endorsements. There endorsements are shallow  and pre-mature! They appear to be political deals and not well thought out considerations.

As I said in May, I suggest  the Public ignore  the endorsements  of Ryan Burbey and the HCEA. Their narrow self-interest ignores the overall value of  a candidate.

Consider instead the FOH  (Friends of Harford) questionaire answers of Council District B Democrat Suzanne Oshinsky.

Click to access Candidate-Questions-Oshinsky-District-B-2018.pdf

Do voters want an honest broker or a corrupt one?

Joe Woods is famous for trying to introduce the Back-Door Land Deal – Bill 150291! When the FOH exposed Joe’s corruption he quickly backed down and withdrew his special interest bill.

It seems Joe Woods tried to get special favors for a well connected land developer in exchange for a $5,000 campaign contribution.

Also, by the way, Joe Woods is a far right Republican  gun nut  who supported   idiotic County Council legislation to nullify Maryland’s commonsense gun control reform. Joe Woods is apparently against public safety measures concerning guns in this era of gun violence!

This posting in the Dagger was removed from the Daggers backlog after I filed  a censor complaint . It was an FOH posting in November 2015

Dodgy Dagger- Harford County Sheriffs Office (HCSO) Cited in ACLU Lawsuit Against ICE ! – Political Challenger Chris Boardman Supports Effort!

July 27, 2018

Dodgy Dagger Practices Politically Motivated Censorship – Censors Criticism of NRA Propaganda Lies!

March 25, 2018


Censored Comment In the Dodgy Dagger – 03/23/2018 – Democratic Candidate For Harford Sheriff Chris Boardman Would Like To Know How Much Money the Gun Lobby (NRA) Is Giving To Sheriff Jeff Gahler

March 24, 2018



I call B.S. on SoulCrusher!

You drank the NRA/Gun Dealers Kool Aid!

Assault rifles include semi-automatics!

The NRA/Gun Dealers “rebranded” the semi-automatic assault rifle to try to  seperate it from its military origins! (AR-15s Are military weapons.)

The” rebranding” efforts accelerated in 2012!

The NSSF started circulating a  propaganda gimmick with a “Modern Sporting Rifle Pocket Fact Card”!

The NSSF /NRA urged gun owners to “correct misconceptions about these rifles”.

The gun lobby’s new commandment to gun nuts was that AR-15s are no longer “assault rifles” or “assault weapons”!

The new commandment was that an assault rifle is NOW only “fully automated rifles”!

NSSF/NRA told gun owners to correct  anyone who called an AR-15 an “assault rifle”!

They told gun owners that the “assault rifle” term for AR-15’s was a “political term ” created in the 1980’s!

AR-15’s were all called “semi-automatic rifles” by the manufacturers  when they were first produced!

Anyone that tells you that an AR-15 is not a” semi-automatic assault rifle” is a “stooge” of the NRA and NSSF!

“Modern Sporting Rifle” is the gun lobby’s preferred term, BUT they are still “semi-automatic assault rifles”!

Mr. Chris Boardman is correct! The AR-15 is a “semi-automatic assault rifle”!

Mr. SoulCrusher is dead wrong!  SoulCrusher is spouting NRA/Gun Lobby propaganda!

Tom Paine









DodgyDagger – Running Scared: Rep. Harris Offers Another Tele-Town Meetng ForBalto County, Carroll County, Harford And Cecil

February 5, 2018


Creeping Fascism: Dodgy Dagger Censors Letter Advocating More Women And Racial Minorities Should Be Recruited On Harford Police Force

November 5, 2017


DodgyDagger – Harford County Youth Visit Harrient Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center – Underground Ran Right Through Harford County!

September 18, 2017



DodgyDagger/TonyV – Mayor McGrady Lied!: “Mayor McGrady Convinced All Of Those Voters That The Water And The Tax Bills Would Go Down If He Were In Office.”

August 8, 2017



Aberdeen Water And Sewage Bills To Go Up. Tea Party Republican Mayor Paddy McGrady Breaks His Promise To Reduce The Water/Sewage Tax!

August 8, 2017



Good Journalism: The Republican Aegis With Just The Facts In Headline —- Bad Journalism: DodgyDagger With “Political” Headline Changing Pot Bust Into A Evil “Narcotics Investigation”

October 15, 2016





#KeepFallstonRural – DodgyDagger -ACLU Gets Frivolous SLAPP Lawsuit Slapped Down In Harford County, Maryland -Land Developer Not Allowed To Crush Free Speech Of Organized Petition Drive

September 8, 2016


#KeepFallstonRural – DodgyDagger/RepublicanAegis – ACLU Lawyers To Help Fallston Women Fighting Big Bad Developer

June 21, 2016




ACLU Defends Fallston Activists Sued For Organizing Petition Drive



DodgyDagger – Aberdeen Police Find Assault Rifle Hidden Down Mans Pant Leg

February 29, 2016

DodgyDagger – Delete Bel Air South Plum Tree Walmart

November 18, 2015


Rachel Maddow – APG Spy Blimp Goes Beserk In Pennsylvania And the Dodgy Dagger Gets Prime Time Air Time

October 30, 2015


DodgyDagger – North Harford County Councilman Joe Woods Withdraws His Back-Door Land Deal (Legal Graft?) (Bill 15-027) After Friends Of Harford Exposed It As Political Corruption

October 27, 2015




DodgyDagger – Wal-Mart Lies!

May 1, 2015







DodgyDagger/Harford Racists Take Over The Dodgy Dagger With Rumors Of Bel Air Protest

April 29, 2015




Letter to DodgyDagger – Jim Thornton : The Time Is Now To Work Together

June 29, 2014

007003004JIM thorton

DodgyDagger Q&A : Harford State Senate District 34 Democratic Primary Art Helton vs M-D James – Del. James Now Claims She And Sen. Glassmaqn ” Worked In Bi-Partisan Fasion To Insert Enabling Language in Budget Recon Finance Act…to Allow Harf To Establish Hotel Tax” – The Sun/Aegis Reports As Fact That The Language Was Inserted By Sen . President Miller At The Request Of Former Harf Del. Bonsack – Del. James Voted For It, ….Miller/Bonsack Created The Change!!! James Used The Hotel Tax In 2013 As Blackmail For Tax Break For Joe Snees CCRC! Now She Falsely Claims She Has “Language Inserted”? Bullshit!

June 16, 2014

DodgyDagger/Harford Tea Party (C4L) – Tea Party Libertarian Republican Dan Lambros Is Only Republican Candidate In County Council Dist E Primary Race To Take The Tea Party Litmus Test – Surprise! Surprise! He Is A Reactionaty Conservative Anti-Government Tea Party Libertarian- DL Is Even Against the “Hotel Tax”-Thats Anti-Aberdeen!

June 13, 2014


DodgyDagger – County Council District E Repub Primary – Tea Party Libertarian Dan Lambros Running For Office To ” Take Our Freedoms Back …” “Limited Government” , “Protect Private Property Rights”, “Respect For The Second Amenment” and “Local Control of Our Schools

June 11, 2014



DodgyDagger – Del. D-M James Announces Pork Barrel Project Grants For Dist 34 One Week Before Edgewood Democratic Candidate Debate But Remains Silent About Legislative Assistants Drunken Fight And Racial Remarks In Annapolis

May 4, 2014



DodgyDebate – Dem Candidate For Harford Council President Suggests Light Rail For Bel Air/Falston / Racists Equate Light Rail With Crime/ BrianDodgyDagger Goes Bananas, Calls Candidate An” Idiot” And “Clueless Fool”

April 11, 2014


DodgyDagger – M Faraday On Smart Meters And Dumb Delegates: “This guy Is A Genuine Nut And If Re-elected Then We Are All A Bunch of Squirrels”

March 8, 2014


DodgyDagger – Board of Elections Puts Former State Senator Art Helton Back On The Ballot For The Dist 34 Senate Race, Del. Mary-Dulaney James Will Not Have A Free Ride, Democrat Maria Terry From County Election Board Enters Crowded Race For Dist 34A House of Delegates, County Councilwoman Mary Lisanti Will Also Get No Free Ride

February 27, 2014


MediaMatters – Why Did Baltimore Sun Hire Conservative Republican Blog Red Maryland To Do, Speculative Gossip Commentary? Why Not Hire the Opinions of The Dodgy Daggers Rt-Wing Libertarian Inuendo and Smear Blog ? And What Happen To Mild-Mannered Conservative (Richard) Cross Purposes? And Will The Sun Offer the Same Contract To David Moon At the Fact-Based Democartic Maryland Juice?

February 24, 2014


CityPaper/Political Plum Shenanigans – Wait, You Mean I Gotta Live In My District? No Way! The Law (Boston vs.Blount, 1998) Says “Domiciled” Not “Permanent Abode”

February 16, 2014


Judge John C. Eldridgre, Maryland Court of Special Appeals , Boston v.Blount, 1998: “The requirement is that one must be DOMICILED in the district, and domicile is not synonymous with primary place of abode.”:

Art Helton: ” “The state and federal courts are clear–you can live where you want to live.”

City Paper: “The location must simply be a permanent place to which said pol ‘intends to return'”

City Paper: “…in Maryland it has long been THE LAW OF THE LAND that a politician can for the purpose of carpet-bagging, claim residence any damn place he or she chooses, with no requirement to sleep in on said premises”

The City Paper wrongly calls Democrat Del. Mary-Dulany James the current State Senator from Dist 34. The current state Senator is Republican Nancy Jacobs. Thats what all the cloak and dagger shenanigans is all about. Jacobs is retiring,  leaving an open seat—a political plum. James wants the Senate seat with no major opposition. Thats why she never challeged Jacobs. Democrat Helton challenged Jacobs  twice and last time beat her in Harford County but not in West Cecil. Now the district is just  a Harford district. District 35  now picks up the more conservative West Cecil County. The Dems have there best chance of taking back the Senate in Dist 34 with only a nominal Republican  candidate.  James has watched and waited and watched and  waited  for this open seat. Helton has fought and fought for the seat. The only thing in the way of James now is Helton in the Democratic primary.  She is trying to beat Helton in the courts by getting the Board of Elections to redefine the residency laws  because she fears she cant beat Helton in a fair fight in an election.

The Dodgy Dagger and the Md Board of Elections wrongly ignore Maryland law on the defintion of residency as it pertains to qualifying for a candidate.

DodgyDagger – Rob Stanfield Gives Harford Democrats A “Tea Party Loyalty Test” : #8. Do You Like The “Rain Tax”? #1 & #2. Are You Gonna Take Away My Stun Gun (HCC260-3) Or My Machine Gun?(SB251) #5. Are You For Limiting The Liberty Of Abortion Clinics? #6 . Do You Believe In Global Warming And Will You Allow The UN To Take Over Harford County? #5. Will You Support the Tea Party And Klu Klux Klans Proposal To Make English Harford Countys Official Brave New World Language #9. Are You For Increasing Taxes Just To Pay Them Damn Teachers A Cost Of Living Raise?

February 16, 2014

images-e13204552809291On the righteous Republican political Dodgy Dagger blog Rob Stanfield asked Gina Kazmir, candidate for County Council District C, ten Tea Party loyalty questions. On second thought Stanfield added two more teabag “loyalty test” questions.  #11. Would you increase the minimum wage in Harford? And  “12. Would you legalize marijuana in Harford? Gina Kazmir bravely answered the top ten teabag quizz, pointing out that most of the questions have nothing to do with Harford County government.  Stanfield quickly sent the tea party loyalty test  to other Democratic candidates: Jim Thornton, Joseph Smith and Chris Boardman .

Knife In The Water Pt. 2: Helton State Senate Campaign In Limbo , DodgyDagger/Kreamer/Hiob/James Get Harford County Board of Elections Judge To Reverse Her Decision In July of 2010 On Helton Residency, Harford Blue Dogs Join Republicans To Trash South Harford Democratic Party

December 15, 2013


Raven Little, Baltimore Sun August 2010 – “State law allows a person to establish residency in one place while living in another”  (see Blount case)

Art Helton, The Sun, Aug 2010 – “The state and federal courts are clear. You can live where you want to live. You can own more than one home. …Its a matter of where you want to vote and where you want to live ”

But can a state board of election administrator change the law from year to year based on  a whim or  on her own biased candidate preference?

DodgyDaggerGazette – Harford Republican Candidate for Governor David “No Pazazz” Craig Calls Gov Rick “Oops” Perrys Visit To Maryland A WakeUp Call. KAL Agrees!

September 18, 2013


BelAirPatch – Bel Air Congressman Andy Harris Wins Congressional Climate Denier Award* From Maryland League Of Conservation Voters

August 14, 2013


*Photo of Congressional Climate Denier Award from the DodgyDaggerGazette

DodgyDagger – Harford Tea Party (Libertarians) On RINO Hunt

August 5, 2013


DodgyDagger -Harford County Council Has Wal-Mart PlumTree Project On The Ropes With New “Dangerous Traffic” Clause, (But BrianDodgyLibertarian Sees No Difference Between PlumTree Project And Target? Say What?)

March 28, 2013


DodgyDagger/BelAirPatch – Harford County Tea Party/ Republican Party Oppose County Livability Rent Code Reform, Gives Aid And Comfort To Slum Land-Lords*

February 24, 2012

*Land Lord – Property Owners


November 9, 2011

DodgyDagger“The majority of the folks are happy with the job we are doing and we’ll continue to do that job”  Michael Bennet told the Dodgy Dagger.

Top 10 Reasons Michael Bennett Will be Re-Elected Mayor

October 29, 2011

10. Most McGrady supporters live in Augusta!

 9. Everyone in Aberdeen has seen McGrady’s “Youtube moment”!YouTube

 8. Michael Bennett does not put political lawn signs in front of churches!

 7. Michael Bennett has more lawn signs!LawnSigns

 6. Michael Bennett is not a libertarian!

 5. Michael Bennett is not a “trust fund baby”!TrustFundBaby

 4. All the local “crony capitalists” support McGrady!

 3. McGrady got the Libertarian Dodgy Dagger “Bump”! (the Curse)

 2. Michael Bennett got the Republican Aegis endorsement! (the Albatross) Aegis/Record

 1b. Entire Aberdeen City Council endorses Bennett for Mayor

 1a. Experience! Experience! Experience!

Republican Dodgy Dagger Endorses Republican Tea Bagger Patrick “Shady” McGrady For Mayor of Aberdeen And Ryan Burbey Asks How McGrady’s Father Rehabing An Aberdeen Church “Would Lead To Revitalizing Downtown ”

August 28, 2011


Fact-Checking the Tea Baggers: Four Pinocchios And A Pants On Fire Citation For Republican Del. Glenn Glass’s Claim That “More Than 80% Of The People Are Against The Dream Act…”

August 22, 2011

GallupPoll/DreamActThere are no available facts to support the claim that Tea Party Republican Del. Glen Glass (Dist.34A) made in the Dodgy Dagger On August 10th, 2011 that  “More than 80% of the people are against the Dream Act…”. Ryan Burbey asked Mr.Glass  twice  in the  Dagger where he got his numbers from. Del. Glass has not responded . Apparently he made them up. All national polls suggest that a slight majority support such a bill  or something like it (Rassmussen 52% and Gallup 54%). Mr Burbey suggests  Del. Glass’s claim is “balderdash” and suggest Del. Glass’s words can not be trusted if he confuses facts with his opinion.  We suggest he is  lying and award him four pinocchios and a pants on fire citation.

DodgyDagger/Common Cents – Question: How Could The Majority In District 34 Put (Glenn Glass) In Office? [06:24:11] Answer: Glass Won With A Plularity of 25.27%…He Got One Fourth Of The Vote!…Though, Every Time He Opens His Mouth He Loses Votes. In Four Years He Should Be The Most Unpopular “True Politician*”In Harford!

June 26, 2011

It doesn’t take  a majority to win in District 34. Mary-Dulany James won first place with 29.22% of the vote. Glenn Glass came in second with 25.27%. 40,000 votes and Glenn Glass won with 10,931 votes. It was a four-way race for two positions. Glass won with name recognition…he’s been standing on the side of road with his signs for five years begging for the job.  No media outlet defined any of the four candidates in any significant way. The Sun doesn’t care anymore  about local politics. (Five years ago The Sun did a superficial piece  of journalism on Glass that informed us that he had red hair,  owned a blue truck,  and drove a yellow bus.)  The Aegis never did care. And the Harford League of Women Voters for the first time in recent history held no public forum to expose the State office candidates  to public scrutiny .

Glenn Glass is a political anomally in Dist 34A. But essentially he is “political fungi”. He thrives in the political information darkness. And he will expire in the light of public scrutiny. His first campaign fizzled in 2006 after  his incompetence was exposed at the LWV Public Forum at HCC. And his incompetent voting habits in Annapolis and his uninformed public words will expose him everyday for the next three or four years. Glass is is a temporary deviation or discrepancy from the norm. An anomally.

*True Politician – A person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other narrow usually short-sighted reasons. A scheemer, an intriguer who tries to gain advantage in an organization in sly or underhanded ways. A scheeming opportunist. A chancer.

Dodgy Dagger – River City Election – Only The Challengers (Shank, Maslin,and Wagner) Answer Dagger Questionaire, The Incumbent Status Quo “Old Guard” (Dougherty, Craig, Correri) Dodge-the-Dagger

May 1, 2011


DodgyDagger – Wal-Mart Move From Abingdon May Be Related To 1988 Land Deal That Prevents Grocery Store Until 2018

April 19, 2011


Dodgy Dagger – Aberdeen Mayor Questions Intent Of Presbyterian Home, Mayor Bennett Disgusted With Del. James’ Annapolis Shenanigans

March 31, 2011


The Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics in 2010 -#6. Democratic Sore Loser Mike Hiob Attacked State Senate Candidate Rovall Washington For Not Being A Sore Loser

December 25, 2010


After losing his Democratic primary election for State Senate to Arthur Helton, Rovall Washington in a letter to The Dagger and to his own website endorsed Helton in the general election. Mike Hiob, still upset over his defeat in the Mayorality  election in Aberdeen, attacked Washington for his endorsemnent, thus aiding and abetting the eventual Republican victory of Nancy Jacobs. In the same primary election Dan Riley lost his House of Delegates seat to challenger Marla Posey-Moss . Dan Riley  upset over his surprising defeat  claimed that he was a “conservative blue-dog Democrat” despite a voting record as a progressive. Riley also stated he feared Posey-Moss could not win the general election. Riley stated ,”This consensus is shared by many of my Republican friends in that they now have a good chance of winning my seat.” Riley would go on to support his “Republican friends” “shared consensus” by not endorsing Posey-Moss in the general election thus aiding and abetting the eventual  Republican victory of Glenn Glass.

The Ten Dumbest Momements in Harford Politics – 2010 – #9. Del.Dan Riley Calling Himself A “Conservative-Blue Dog” Democrat Even Though Progressive Md (91%), MarylandPirg (100%) and the Md. League of Conservation Voters (100%) Call Him Very ProgressiveM

December 23, 2010


Dodgy Dagger Prints Racist And Riceist (Anti-Rice Eater And Anti-Rice ) Cartoon To Celebrate American Thanksgiving

November 26, 2010


Knife In The Water (Pt. 2) – Right-Wing Repub Dodgy Dagger Endorses Nancy Jacobs for State Senate By Promoting Her New Lame Attack-Website, While Refusing To Print the Total Contents of Art Helton’s Political Telephone Ad

October 25, 2010


Art Helton’s Telephone Political Ad :

     Hi, I’m Arthur Helton. I’m asking for your vote for State Senate. I have a record of getting things done unlike your current State Senator Nancy Jacobs. Her poor attendance record in Annapolis has earned her the nickname “No-Show Nancy”. She constantly votes against funding  programs she supported. I can do better , and I will.  But I need your vote.

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