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Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Spreads Political Speculation That Republican Barry Glassman May Challenge Andy Harris For His Congressional Seat! Glassman Says He Will Reveal His Mysterious Plans On Oct 17th!

September 21, 2017

In the September 20, 2017 issue (Candidates Signing On For 2018 Harford Elections) of the Republican Aegis, ace reporter David Anderson states:

No one had filed for Harford County executive as of late Monday afternoon, according to the Maryland State Board of Elections website. Incumbent County Executive Barry Glassman is scheduled to make an announcement about his plans Oct.17 at the Level Fire Hall , where he declared his candidacy in the past.



The Republican Aegis continued its unethical and corrupt journalistic bad habit of not reporting the political fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is registered to run for the U.S. Congress Maryland lst District.






Republican Aegis   Editors: Triffon G.Alatzas, EIC,BaltoSun ;Allan Vought, News Editor; Ted Hendricks Senior Editor – Newsroom 410-838-4400 – 139 N. Main Street, Bel Air, Md 21278

Republican Aegis Price Goes Up 50% To $3.00 Street Price In August – Aegis Boycott Takes Its Toll? – Gordon Says: “Nobody Reads The Aegis!”

August 5, 2017


Research/ C.Jones

Republican Aegis – Dodgy Aegis Reports On Aberdeen Mayors Referendum Petition Drive By Reprinting Mayor McGradys Facebook Propaganda Report !!! Is Aberdeen Mayor Now A Stringer/Columinst For The Aegis! Did He Get Paid For His Crybaby Criticism of Referendums?

July 9, 2017






Boycott The Republican Aegis Every Wednesday!!! Stop Biased Unfair Political Reporting!!! Stop Bad Corrupt Journalism!!!

June 28, 2017




The Republican Aegis has refused to report the fact that Harford Democrat Allison Galbraith is a candidate for Marylands First Congressional District

The opening day of the campaign began in downtown Bel Air at Sean Bolans Irish Pub. The event in Bel Air was mysteriously not covered by the local Sunpaper owned newspaper, the (Republican) Aegis

The event was fully reported on instead in  the Elkton Whig in  nearby Cecil County.

The opening day events proceeded to Chestertown, Md and was reported on in the local Chesapeake Spy.  And the campaign event ended that day in Salisbury where the  Salisbury Times DelMarVa New covered the political story.

The lack of any reporting on Allison Galbraiths campaign in Harford County by the Republican Aegis suggests that the hometown newspaper is purposely  ignoring the political story because it is either journalisticlly corrupt or politically corrupt. It appears the Republican Aegis is deliberately refusing to be fair and balanced in its political reporting

The Republican Aegis’s dodgy journalism by corrupting the fair reporting of political information is also corrupting the political process.

The public is encouraged to boycott the Republican Aegis on Wednesdays to protest the undemocratic and unethical behavior of the publishers of the Republican Aegis.






Black Teens Assaulted By Park Police for Selling Water

June 27, 2017

Btx3's Blog

At the National Mall in Washington, DC, the law says you need a permit to sell anything. It isn’t that unusual that during the hot summer tourist season some kids will come up with the idea of rolling out a cooler full of iced water bottles and selling them to the visitors. Usually, if caught – that winds up in a simple talking to by the Park Police telling them to pack up and go, informing them that they need a permit and where to get one. No big deal. Indeed, unless the kids are serial abusers of the statute – not even so much as a ticket.

Except when the kids involved are a group of black teens, and the “cops” in question are out of control.

The National Mall is for everyone. Even a few entrepreneurial teens who run afoul of the Park Service taxation scheme to collect…

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Dodgy Journalism – Thanks Republican Aegis For Not Reporting On Allison Galbraith’s Registering To Run For the U.S. Congress In The First District! The Story Was Excellently Covered In The Cecil Whig! But Allison Is From Harford! Whats Up With That! The Aegis’s Poor Judgement And Prejudice Is Showing!

May 2, 2017


DodgyJournalism -RepublicanAegis Out-Foxes The Public Interest By Refusing To Report On Aberdeen Residents Report of Wild Foxes On Carroll Ave

June 28, 2016


At the end of the June 20 (2016)  Aberdeen City Council meeting an Aberdeen resident complained about four foxes living on the weed over-grown property adjacent to her property. The Republican-Aegis reporter Dave Anderson was present with his laptop when the complaint was made and verified by the Mayor. The public complaint never made the online   or print editions of the Republican-Aegis newspapers. The full testimony is secretly available on the city blog at: city council

This is maybe a perfect story for Baltimore Fox News

(Why is the reporter sitting in the line of the podium camera? Is he a “hot dog”? Can the editor please edit him out of that angle in the future?)


Dodgy Journalism – Significant Story of Harford “Native Son” Pot Millionaire Got Buried on the Obit Page (Page A15) in the Republican Aegis

August 14, 2015



Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Refuses To Report On Bel Air Republican Congressman Being Blacklisted By District of Columbia After Blocking DC Pot Law

January 30, 2015


Republican Aegis Points Out That Patrick Vincenti ,Republican Candidate For County Council Dist E, Is Sympathetic To Wedding Venue Proposal – But Leaves Out Fact That Vincenti Has Accepted Campaign Contribution From Regent At Stone House

September 27, 2014


Dodgy Journalism – Republican Aegis Refuses To Report On League of Woman Voters/HCC Candidates Form , Ignores 12 Political Candidates Running For County Government, Democrats Thornton, Kreamer And Kazimir Run Circles Around Republican Candidates, Slutzky Looks Slick, Vincenti Looks Lost And McMahon Looks Like A Political Joke, Voters Can Go To HCN.Pegcentral.Com To Find Out What Aegis Is Trying To Hide

September 27, 2014


DodgyDebate – Dem Candidate For Harford Council President Suggests Light Rail For Bel Air/Falston / Racists Equate Light Rail With Crime/ BrianDodgyDagger Goes Bananas, Calls Candidate An” Idiot” And “Clueless Fool”

April 11, 2014


CityPaper/Political Plum Shenanigans – Wait, You Mean I Gotta Live In My District? No Way! The Law (Boston vs.Blount, 1998) Says “Domiciled” Not “Permanent Abode”

February 16, 2014


Judge John C. Eldridgre, Maryland Court of Special Appeals , Boston v.Blount, 1998: “The requirement is that one must be DOMICILED in the district, and domicile is not synonymous with primary place of abode.”:

Art Helton: ” “The state and federal courts are clear–you can live where you want to live.”

City Paper: “The location must simply be a permanent place to which said pol ‘intends to return'”

City Paper: “…in Maryland it has long been THE LAW OF THE LAND that a politician can for the purpose of carpet-bagging, claim residence any damn place he or she chooses, with no requirement to sleep in on said premises”

The City Paper wrongly calls Democrat Del. Mary-Dulany James the current State Senator from Dist 34. The current state Senator is Republican Nancy Jacobs. Thats what all the cloak and dagger shenanigans is all about. Jacobs is retiring,  leaving an open seat—a political plum. James wants the Senate seat with no major opposition. Thats why she never challeged Jacobs. Democrat Helton challenged Jacobs  twice and last time beat her in Harford County but not in West Cecil. Now the district is just  a Harford district. District 35  now picks up the more conservative West Cecil County. The Dems have there best chance of taking back the Senate in Dist 34 with only a nominal Republican  candidate.  James has watched and waited and watched and  waited  for this open seat. Helton has fought and fought for the seat. The only thing in the way of James now is Helton in the Democratic primary.  She is trying to beat Helton in the courts by getting the Board of Elections to redefine the residency laws  because she fears she cant beat Helton in a fair fight in an election.

The Dodgy Dagger and the Md Board of Elections wrongly ignore Maryland law on the defintion of residency as it pertains to qualifying for a candidate.

DodgyJournalism: Aegis Reporting on Craigs Stormwater Runoff Fee Repeal Hearing A Joke…Headline Uses RepublicanSpeak And Reporter Writes One Sentence On Highly Critical Citizen Testimony, Hearing Testimony Available At HCN Peg Central

November 9, 2013


Did the Republican Aegis reporter fall asleep during the two hour citizen comment part of the County Council meeting? Or was she severely edited by an irresponsible editor?(i.e. Allan Vought)  Truely The Aegis is  a “watchdog” with no bark or bite. The basic purpose of a free press is to be a guardian to supply citizens with information they need to prevent abuse of power. The  Aegis provides “propagandist journalism” because they are loyal “lapdogs” of ruling Republican powers and elites.

DodgyDaggerGazette – Harford Republican Candidate for Governor David “No Pazazz” Craig Calls Gov Rick “Oops” Perrys Visit To Maryland A WakeUp Call. KAL Agrees!

September 18, 2013


Dodgy Journalism 101: “I Have Never Seen A Grin Without A Cat” – : Aegis Print Edition Shows Full Embarrassing Photo Of Grinning White-Nationalist John Stortstrom Showing Patrick McGrady AR-15 Raffle Rifle… But Explore Harford/Sun Website Crops McGrady Out Of Photo With Stortstrom Still Grinning

July 6, 2013


Is The Coverup Worse Than The Crime? Republican Dodgy Aegis Buries Story On Embarassing Actions of Tea Party Republican Patrick McGrady At Aberdeen City Council Meeting, No Story Printed In Oct 13th Aegis, Only Available And BURIED On Sun/Explore Harford Website , Also The Republican Dodgy Dagger Reported NOTHING on the Political Kerfuffle That May Define The Candidate As Arrogant And Juvenile*

October 12, 2011

*Juvenile, Reflecting psycological or intelectual immaturity: Childish

NYMag – Murdoch Hacked Us ,Too

August 1, 2011


Mediaite – Wall Street Journal Editorial Defiantly Bashes Critcis Of News Corp, Internet Points And Laughs

July 18, 2011


ThePhoenix – Carl Bernstein Says This Is Rupert Murdoch’s “Watergate’

July 15, 2011


Rt Wing Republican Newspaper NYPost Puts Peyton Manning In Crosshairs Target On Front Page To Rally Support For NY Jets In Playoff Football Game Against Indianapolis Colts

January 8, 2011

The Top 10 Dumbest Moments In Harford County Politics in 2010 – #7. The Republican Aegis Made A Headline Out Of One ‘No Comment’ Quote From One Dem Leader (“I Dont Have Anything To Say About That”) While At The Same Time Quoted Another Dem Leader At Least 10 Times

December 24, 2010

Aegis/Sun #7. This is Dodgy Journalism 101.

The Ed Show – Rep. Alan Grayson ‘If You Put A Cure For Cancer In the Senate, It Would Get Filibustered’

August 15, 2010

Dumbest Newspaper Headline Of the Year – Aegis “I Don’t Have Anything To Say”

July 1, 2010

THe Aegis/Sun

The Republican Aegis makes a headline out of one no comment quote from one Democratic leader(Wendy Sawyer) and then goes on in the article  to  quote  another Democratic  leader ( George Harrison) about twenty times.

Sun/Record – Del. Dan Riley Offended by The Aegis/Record Calling His Hotel Tax Efforts ‘The Annual Charade’

April 26, 2010

Letter to Editor from Del. Dan Riley  ,The Record 04/23/2010

“I take offense to your assumption made in your editorial “Taxing Our Brains” in the 16 April issue of The Record. Your statement “some esteemed legislators who continue the ANNUAL CHARADE of they’re  (sp:their) working to get the (hotel) tax approved” galls me.

The hours I spent drawing up the bill, speaking with constituents, meeting with the tourist community and the hotel industry,plus the bill presentation is no charade.

My efforts are sincere in seeking a hotel tax for Harford County, the only Maryland county without one….

…This bill would actually help Harford County especially Aberdeen after the Ripkin Stadiumn debacle,in the financial recession. I am sure my opponents will use my position for a hotel tax against me in the up coming election. So be it.” Delegate Dan Riley

Defintion of charade – Charade – 1. ridiculous pretense, an absurdly false or pointless act or situation

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