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Stephen Colbert – “Donald Trump Is A Dictator” – White House Thinks ‘Not Inaccurate’ Equals ‘The Truth’

August 3, 2017

Jordan Klepper/Fingers On The Pulse – Trump Supporters Ideology Test

July 7, 2017

Stephen Colbert – Is Trump Under Invetigation? Is Sean Spicer Replaceable?

June 21, 2017

SethMyers/Closer Look – James Comey Testifies, Says Trump Lies

June 9, 2017

BillMaher/Time – Full Show – 11/11/16 – I Know Why Your Happy Tonite. Drugs!

November 12, 2016

FullFrontal/Sam Bee – Are Dogs Smarter Than Trump Supporters?

March 15, 2016

Ray Donavan Security Tip

January 31, 2015



David Letterman On Republican Convention – 1.The Winds Are Blowing So Hard in Tampa That They Blew The Dog Off Of Romneys Car 2.The Theme of the Republican Convention This Year Is “Fifty Shades of White”*

August 28, 2012

*If this joke is turned into a book, it will not be available in any Harford County Library.

John Henkel Challenges Dion Guthrie in Democratic Primary For Harford County Council District A, Henkel Is An Art Helton Supporter

July 5, 2010

John Henkel

DaggerDan, The Dagger, July 5,2010 at 1230am , Washington Challenges  Helton Candidacy

“What Harford County needs is (for)  Art Helton to beat Nancy Jacobs and John  Henkel to end Guthrie’s political career with an upset in the primary.  Then the southern district might actually have some reps  who stand up for the people.”


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