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New Yorker – Trump/Playgirl 2006 Sex Scandal Exposed

February 16, 2018




Jimmy Kimmel – Kimmel Mocks Trump Would-Be Portrait

February 14, 2018

Trump Wants Big Government To Tell Poor People What They Can Eat

February 13, 2018


NYMag – TrumpmShould Be More Honest About His Jerkiness

February 11, 2018


NYMag – John Kelly Was Hired To End Trump Drama —Now He Is In It

February 9, 2018


NYMag -Dumbed Down Scurity Brefings Still To Difficult For Trump

February 9, 2018


NYMag Trump Lawyers Think Trump Is Incapable Of Not Lying

February 6, 2018


NYMag – Trump Goes After Democratic Leader Adam Schiff For Supposedly Lying And Leaking

February 5, 2018


Mother Jones – Why Trump Should Fear Norwegian Immigrants

February 4, 2018

Up Helly Aa Viking Festival 2018

Rolling Stone – Trumps Hostile Takover the Party of Reagan

February 3, 2018


NYReview – Boss Tweet: The Worst of the Worst – Fire & Fury – Michael Wolff

February 1, 2018


BYMag – Trump Land Neo-Fascism – Wall Street Journal Columnist Says Trump Can Do Anything He Wants – That Is The Definition of A Dictator

January 31, 2018

Trumps Last State of the Union 2018

January 31, 2018

Mother Jones -FACT CHECK: Trump Has Done Virtually Nothing To Combat Opioid Epidemic

January 31, 2018


NYMag – Trump state of Union Filled With False Boasts And Empty Promises!

January 31, 2018


NYMag – Donald Trumps Presidency Is The Libertarian Moment – Unfortunately Republican Libertarians Don’t Believe In Democracy Or Social, Economic Or Racial Justice!

January 30, 2018



Seth Myers – Closer Look: Did Trump Try To Obstruct Justice Investigation…Again?

January 30, 2018

WashPo – Did Kellyanne Conway Ghost Write This Book by Fox Cables Media Reporter?

January 30, 2018

New Yorker – Rise of The Anti-Trump Girthers

January 18, 2018



NewYorker How Late Night Handled Trumps Physical

January 18, 2018



NyMag – NRA Is Part Of Trump/Russia Scandal

January 18, 2018



NYMag – TrumpNot Suffering From Dementia. He Is Just An Idiot !

January 17, 2018



NYMag -“Fire And Fury” Began After Trump Saw Wolf Rip Media on CNN

January 17, 2018


NYMag – Donald Trump Didn’t Want To Be President – Michael Wolff – Fire And Fury Book

January 11, 2018



Columbia Journalism Review – Michael Wolff’s Access Journalism May Be The Perfect Antidote For Boss Tweet !!!!!!

January 11, 2018


Stephen Colbert – Milller G’Nite – Albert Whine-stein – Oprah 2020? – Michael Wolff

January 9, 2018

Jimmy Kimmel Monologue 1/8/18 – Meryl Streep

January 9, 2018

Stephen Colbert – How Trump Got His Mooch Back – Moscow Misery

January 8, 2018




RollingStone/Matt Taibbi – Why Michael Wolffs Book Is Good News!

January 7, 2018


The Atlantic – Donald Trump Goes Full Fredo! Is This The End Game?

January 7, 2018


Jimmy Kimmel – President Trump vs Steve Bannon

January 5, 2018

NYMag – Republicans Turn On Steven Bannon For Telling the Truth About Trump!

January 5, 2018


NewYorker – Michael Wolffs Withering Portrait Of President Donald Trump

January 5, 2018


Media Matters -Alex Jones Hawks Trump Childrens Book That Indocrinates Them With White Nationalism

January 5, 2018


Hollywood Reporter – Michael Wolffs Insane Year Inside Trumps White House

January 4, 2018


NYMag – Trump Is Mentally Unwell And Everyone Around Him Knows It ! Malignant Personality Disorder?

January 4, 2018


AlterNet /Esquire/Charles Pierce -Does Trump Have Dementia? – His Stubbornness Could Be A Sign Of “Severe Cognitive Decline”

January 3, 2018


The Year In Trump Racism

December 30, 2017

NYRB – Donald Trump Damage Bigly

December 30, 2017


New Yorker/Jane Mayer /Democracy Now – Robert Mercer, The Hedge Fund Tycoon Behind Trump Presidency

December 28, 2017

C-Span OpenPhones: How Would You Grade Pres. Trumps First Year In Office?

December 28, 2017


President Trump Sings “Xmas Is Here”

December 28, 2017

CNN – Carl Bernstein Tells Trump FBI Isnt Tainted—His Presidency Is Tainted!

December 27, 2017

Chestertown Spy – First Md District Candidate For Congress Jesse Colvin Says : “We’re Making This A Referendum About Andy Harris. This Is Not A Referendum On The President.”

December 23, 2017



Field Negro – The Art Of The Ass Kiss

December 22, 2017



Trump Wants To Militarize Local Police

December 18, 2017

Stephen Colbert – Trump Attacks Mainstream Media/ R.I.P. The Internet

December 18, 2017

StatNews – Brain Specialist Says Donald Trump May Have Degenerative Brain Disease

December 16, 2017

President Trump Announces U.S. Will Recognize Jerusalem As Capital Of Israel

Seth Myers – Alabama Election Results,Trumps Approval Rating

December 15, 2017

Jordan Klepper – The Year Of The Donald

December 15, 2017

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