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RepublicanRecord (Aegis/Sun) Doesnt Quite Give The Full Story About the Special Aberdeen City Meeting

January 22, 2016

021The Republican Record (Aegis/Sun) did not quite tell the whole story about the special Aberdeen City meeting. Aegis reporter David Anderson reported : “the mayor and council did discuss in open session Tuesday whether the city should hire a consulting firm to conduct a search for the city manager or APPOINT A VOLUNTEER SEARCH COMMITTEE but again they did not reach a decision, according to Miller…..

Lindecamp said he favors hiring an outside firm, since “your hiring the chief executive officer of the city.”

According to  reliable unofficial sources Mayor McGrady at one point suggested Aberdeen doesn’t need to spend $20,000 or more on a consulting firm. He suggested instead that the City personnel department could put together a City Manager job description and put it on MONSTER DOT COM.   You know, save some money.City Manager  Doug Miller agreed with Lindecamp and Councilman Melvin Taylor that the search should be done by a professional consulting firm.  MONSTER DOT COM???? Is the Mayor joking? Is the Mayor playing with a full deck? The Mayor’s behavior  fluctuates between being naively juvenile and arrogantly ignorant! He also obviously appears to disrespect the democratic process and the will of the Aberdeen voter on  the tie-vote fiasco. The Mayor must nominate Stephen Smith—the other candidate that TIED with DeBonis.   DeBonis had his shot with the Council. He was rejected. SOLVE THE TIE-VOTE PROBLEM ! Nominate the other tie-vote candidate. It shouldn’t take ten weeks to resolve a tie-vote fairly. . New Windsor, Md (1999) did it in 8 days. The Mayor is making his administration look corrupt and incompetent.. Follow the law and the will of the voters. Stop hacking Aberdeen’s democracy!



OCToday – Aberdeen City Manager Douglas Miller Escapes Responsibilty For Aberdeen Political Circus— Heads For O.C.

January 8, 2016

Doug Miller moves on from Aberdeen ($125,960) to become OCs City Manager ($155,000). Why hang around the incompetence of Mayor Patrick McGrady for four years. He can’t even nominate Stephen Smith after his crony fell flat as a nominee. He can’t do the the democratic right thing. SMITH TIED WITH DEBONIS in the election.!!!!  He should be the rightful second nominee not the guy who came in eighth.

. McGrady is spitting on the voters of Aberdeen and the sacred democratic process. Good luck to Miller. Too bad he didn’t have the integrity to set McGrady on the proper way to proceed in the tie-vote crisis.



Is the Aberdeen City Government Being Run By The Three Stooges? McGrady-Miller-Sussman

December 13, 2015


Why does it take  six weeks or more to resolve  a council seat tie election??????? It took New Windsor, Md just two weeks!!!! Let the Aberdeen City Council vote for either  Stephen Smith, the incumbent, or Sean DeBonis, the Tea Party challenger. The Council was ready to vote on December   7th (2015) but Tea Party Mayor McGrady wants to delay it two or more weeks.  Why wasn’t the Council allowed to decide when they wanted to decide???? The Mayor only has one vote. The  full Council should take charge of the agenda if the Mayor and City Manger are incompetent.

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