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Corporate Political Pawn: Goofy Far Right Republican House of Delegates Candidate Glenn Glass Lies At Public Forum About His Commitment To Environmental Progress!

October 16, 2018

At Monday nights (Oct 15) League of Women Voters Candidate Forum at Harford Community College Glenn Glass candidate for re-election to the House of Delegates (Dist 34A) stated that he who;e heartedly supports the Environment as a state  legislator.  The only example he provided to demonstrate his commitment  to the Environment was his comment:” I like to go fishing and crabbing on Bush River with my mother.”

Everybody like to go  fishing but the question was : How do you support protecting the Environment as a state legislator in Annapolis?

Delegate Glenn Glass  (Dist 34A) is one of the worst state legislators in Maryland  when it comes to voting on legislation to protect it . In 2018 according the League of Conservative Voters  legislative scorecard he voted against  every environmental protection bill in 2018 and retains one of the lowest environmental scores over the last 8 years. Over that period of time he voted 13% of the time for the environment.

Glenn Glass is a disgrace to the environment. Instead he votes to protect polluters  and the corporate/political  interests that have no concern  for the environment..

In 2018 he voted against HB 0515 , the Tier 2 Bil with Waste to Energy Removal, against  HB 1456, the Off Shore Drilling Liability bill,   against HB 0993, the  Climate Pension Funding bill, against  house bill 0535 , and  against  the Complete Streets bill, house bill 037, the Metro Funding Bill

Glenn Glass does not  care about the environment!

And Glenn Glass lies  to the public about his commitment to the Environment.  Fishing in Bush River is not protecting the Environment  in Annapolis.

Glenn Glass ENJOYS the Environment but he does little or nothing to protect the environment  in Harford or Maryland.

Its time to get rid of Glenn Glass. He is a political pawn for corporate and political interests that do not care about the Environment..

Vote November 7th against Republican Glen Glass!!


Click to access 2018-scorecard.pdf

Maryland Legislative Environmental Scorecard 2017 – South Harford – Dist 34A – Democrat Del. Mary Ann Lisanti Excellent 100% Score! – Republican Sen. Bob Cassilly Failure 40% Score! – Republian Del. Glen Glass, Failure 33% Score!

September 22, 2017

MdLCV- Only One Harford State Legislator Has Environmental Legislative Scorecord Passing Grade in 2011- Del. Mary-Dulany James (D-Dist.34A) – 75%

June 30, 2011

MdLCV2011LegWrapUp     MdLCV

MdLCV – Worst Legislative Envrironmental Scores In Harford For 2011: Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Dist34) (20%), Del. Glenn Glass (R-Dist34A) 20% And Richard Impallaria (R-Distr-7) 17%

June 30, 2011


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