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The Democratic Conservative Front Runners In Marylands First Congressional District: What Is The Difference Between A Conservative Democrat (Blue Dog) And A Republican- Democrat (Neo-Con)??? Sillycon Valley Vs The Drone Ranger

February 20, 2018


Will the two conservative candidates in the Maryland First Congressional District cancel each other out spending hundreds of thousands of dollars of out of district campaign funds?

The Last Man In , Erik Lane, has money to burn and contacts with the political lumberjacks in Sillicon Valley.

And the Man From the FDD, Jesse Colvin, who has endless sources of funding from Jewish Republican Neo-Cons trying to buy a congressman to  advocate for a Far Right foreign policy of   Forever War.

Two out of touch men with lots of financial resources to purchase a congressional seat  but with no passion or vision  for Democratic progressive government to work to  solve domestic problems and work for international peace.

The race  is  still between the two progressives :  Mike  Pullen and Allison Galbraith -Age and failed experience versus youth and untested new ideas.

Money doesn’t always change everything . Sometimes money like pacification drones just destroys everything.






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