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What Are The Ulterior Motives of the Three Leaders of the Expel Lisanti Protest???

March 26, 2019


Would the leaders of the Expel Lisanti Protest  all seek to be nominated by the HarfDCC to replace her???

Is that the  real  ulterior  motive of this  protest to stir up racial animosity against Mary Ann Lisanti?

Are they exploiting a personal racial mistake by a Progressive Democrat for political self interest and personal gain?

Is it all about stealing an elected officials political seat with a  corrupt undemocratic appointment by the Harf DCC?

Lisanti  has been sufficiently punished for allegedly making  a alcohol-induced racial slur!

She has apologized . She has been censured. And she has vowed to work for restitution for her racial faux pas or blunder!

Does the Expel Protest seek justice with mercy or injustice with malice?


  •  Carlos Taylor says no, but thinks Lisanti is just getting a  “slap on the  hand”. Really?  An alcohol induced racial faux pas means no apology accepted?. What kind of  person  would be so cruel , cold and heartless?
  • Marla Posey-Moss and Sarahia Benn did not respond to my inquiry.

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